In which Inuyasha episode does Sesshomaru pull an injured Kagura, Rin, and Jaken from the river?

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And then Kagura tells Seshomaru information about Naraku's heart.
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  • Gwen answered 4 years ago
I'm pretty sure it's toward the end of the whole series (not the Final Act). I think either Episode 166 or 167. But, Rin and Jaken see her in the water, tell Sesshomaru, he doesn't care (rolls eyes), and Rin goes ahead and pulls her out. She falls and Sesshomaru helps her up. Soo, I guess he did help(:


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  • its towards the end in TV part 9 disc 3... like two episodes or so before the thing ends... danm i can't rember when though I bearly restarted my seres of watching InuYasha all over again. But I know its at the end.... after she fights the guy with the blasted arm that shoots... she gets the middle of her torn out. Seeshomaru saves her. I really think its at the very far end... AHHH
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