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Mac Brushes & 120 color palette eyeshadow?

My question is regarding to those Mac Brushes & 120 color palette eyeshadow on e-bay.

Having fake brushes doesn't really matter for me as long as they are good to use and of course I pay less.

But the main thing for me is the Mac 120 color palette eyeshadow on ebay, are those real or fake?

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    fake fake fake.

    mac does not make a 120 palette.

    the brushes are probably fake as well, and i doubt they're any good...

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    Mac does not sell a 120 color eyeshadow palette. I've seen reviews on the palette that you're talking about and many people say that the shadows are chalky. As for the brushes if you want good quality brushes but don't want to spend too much I suggest trying out sigma makeup brushes. The brushes are just as good as mac brushes but for a more affordable price

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    I would be leary buying them on ebay. There is a chance it could be real or fake. Have you considered buying the palette from the MAC website, because you may pay more but you can customize your palette and get the colors you want. They also have I think 16 anf 4 color palettes as well.

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    Definitely be careful while buying MAC makeup on eBay.

    A ton of those are fake or used.

    I'd recommend just buying the makeup from the official MAC website. You're guarenteed satisfaction and it will be authentic.

    E.L.F. makeup brushes are really good, and they're only $1! It sounds too good to be true, but it's not. Their brushes are good quality, and are often compared to MAC makeup brushes.

    Here's the link to E.L.F.-


    Oh, and here's the MAC official website-


    [: I hope I helped!

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    I would be careful. Enlarge the picture of the product you would like to buy on ebay. Then open a new tab (Ctrl + T), and go to the MAC website: http://www.maccosmetics.com/

    Once you are there find the product on that site that you are buying on ebay. Enlarge the picture of the product on MAC.com and look at it (if you cannot find the exact product that you are buying on ebay, then look at a product which is close to the same one you are buying) notice the details on the brushes (if you are buying a product with brushes included), look at the handels or at the case that they come in. You should usually be able to tell the difference, between a fake product, and a real one. If you really cant decide, then check this website: http://reviews.ebay.com/MAC-BRUSHES-Guid…

    It tells you the disticnt difference between products, and how to tell real products from fake ones.

    I hope this helps!

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    i don't know whether it is fake or not ,why not you try to buy from http://www.uusell.com

    cheaper and good quality

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