Does the fact the hockey is a physical sport justify these moronic hits?

Another day, another stupid hit by a no-talent player on a skilled player, (Wishnewski on Seabrook or Alfredsson on Beauchemin) and I'm guessing no big suspensions. Campbell is even acknowledging his incompetence by attending the Pens-Bruins game so the fallout from his stupidity on the Cooke hit doesn't cause problems. At what point will sanity prevail? Does baseball allow you to throw 100mph fastballs at sluggers and say "too bad, he should have moved out of the way?" Does football allow for late hits, shots to the head, etc? No, those guys get ejected and suspended. Hockey is the only sport that goes out of their way to appeal to cavemen. Isn't anyone else sickened by this??

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    The sport of hockey, while inherently dangerous and physically taxing, is ironically one of the most gentlemanly games out there. Yeah guys put each other through the glass on occasion or knock somebody out, but off the ice they have nothing but respect for other players and the game itself. If they dont respect another player, they typically dont voice that opinion or sink down to a level that other athletes might. Hockey players are, for the most part (barring guys like Chris Pronger, Sean Avery, the old Todd Bertuzzi, etc.) class acts, humble, and wary of injuring other players. They are professionals, and while some professionals get paid to fight (enforcing is a necessity to ensure gentlemanly conduct all around) or play physical, nobody gets paid to intentionally injure other professionals just trying to do their job.

    I'm really annoyed that Matt Cooke deserves similar punishment compared to that of Ovie's penance but didn't even receive a slap on the wrists. It was clearly an elbow to the side of the head. An unnecessary hit, and believe me when I played I loved to light people up, but in the NHL professionals shouldn't want to injure one another, especially skilled, finesse guys like Marc Savard who are typically inoffensive. Ovechkins hit wasnt nearly as cheap as Cooke's hit on Savard. I think Ovechkin shouldve been punished, as he was, but Cooke should have then been suspended for 3 or 4 games. His hit was clearly a deliberate blow to the head. Ovechkin, I truly believe, was just being careless and not trying to hurt somebody, and immediately after the hit he showed remorse for injuring B. Campbell. Still, like I said, I'm glad he received the 2 game suspension, because these cheap shots, especially head shots, END CAREERS. I LOVE physical play, but I HATE these head hunters who haven't realized they're not in Bantam anymore and need to respect other professional athletes. It's disrespectful and detrimental to the game.

  • Bollocks.

    Actually, baseball does allow you to throw at a guy's head...what's the worst that happens? The pitcher and the manager get ejected? Everyone runs on the field and finds a dance partner? And if you're watching the American League, pitchers don't even have to answer the bell of going up to bat. A 3-game suspension (from a 162-game regular season) between starts? Big deterrent there.

    Football? Please. Oooh...a 15-yard penalty for a late hit. Sure, they get fined (as prescribed in their CBA) but suspended? Unless they fail a drugs test...they're playing. The NFL had to be dragged kicking and screaming to actually admit concussion problems were...well, a problem. these parts Krusty the Klown (Alfredsson) is a four-letter word, but he is a skill guy by every definition. Again, seeing no-talent piece of s**t Mark Bell knock Alfredsson out was the highlight of a long-ago season, but Alfredsson is a skill guy and his stats back this up. He also has a pretty good history of late hits, but he is a skill guy.

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    I am in complete agreement that the NHL needs to do a better job cracking down on the dirty hits. But that is where we end being in agreement. I am not a caveman but I love the game of hockey. I would bet I make far more money than you....I have won several community service awards including person of the year for my community work, I am a Little League and high school umpire for both baseball and softball and President of our school parent community board....not exactly caveman. Also a quick look at last years baseball suspensions and what do I least 5 different season series where there ended up being beanball wars. And the longest suspension handed out to a pitcher for his role in these beanball incidents (which by the way included at least 3 instances where the target was an opposing batters head)....5 games. Is a 5 game suspension really a penalty to a starting pitcher? They move his start back one day and he gets a little extra rest....not exactly a policy that suggests serious reprecussions is it? And the NFL...not one single suspension for any hit last year that resulted in a season ending surgery and this includes blows o the heads of QBs, cheap shots on vulnerable WR or the beloved chop blocks that far to often end in a knee surgery. There were far more cuncussions last year in the NFL from questionable hits than the NHL see's in an incredibly longer season. Name one instance where a guy got ejected for one of these dirty hits in the NFL last year...cant do it because it never happened. A couple of $50,000 fines and more in the $5000 to $10000 range which is like a $50 fine to us....a slap on the wrist for a potential career ending cheap shot. All sports turn the other cheek to the dirty hits or beanball wars that happen every baseball you get more games for a failed piss test than you get for throwing at an opponents head. Not one time was a guy given more than 5 games and most of the 5 game suspensions were lowered to 3 or 4 games (i.e., no penalty to a starting pitcher) on appeal. Sorry...not buying the caveman theory on hockey...we can agree that hockey needs to clean up the dirty hits but you need to open your eyes to the other sports tolerance to the same stuff in their sport.

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    i still dont know how Wishnewski didnt get a 5 minute major for the not sure the refs should have been reffing the game from the lack of no calls.whats the point.

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    I agree. This type of action is totally uncalled for, and should be treated like in other sports. This guy deserves a suspension. It's like why even play if you can't be a good sport?

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    Only to the morons who think it actually achieves something.

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