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------ 第一部分: 中翻英,翻譯下列(1)~(4)句 ------

(1) 請用道地的英文將這段英文翻譯成中文.

(2) 甲: 你的褲子穿反了

乙: 這樣也ok吧.

(3) 老師: 吃快一點,要上課了.

學生: 等一下嘛,吃太快會肚子痛啦.

(4) 請問 Mauer 這個字的音標怎麼拼?

(5) 你剛才說的那句英文腔調有點怪怪的,不大像是疑問句的腔調.

----- 第二部份: 文法 -----

(6) At this time, Ronald Reagan was a member of the Democratic Party who described himself as a liberal.

請問句中的 who 在修飾 Reagan 還是 Democratic Party?


----- 第三部份: 單字用法 -----

(7) 請問 note, phonetic 與 accent 這幾個字的區別與用法.

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    1) Please translate this English into Chinese in genuine English.

    (2) A: Your pants wear anti-

    B: So also ok.

    (3) Teacher: Eat to hurry up, had a class.

    Student: Wait for a second, eating will have a stomach too fast.

    (4) Excuse me, how does the phonetic symbol of Mauer, this word, put together

    (5) That English tune that you just said is a little bit very strange and wasn't liked is the tune of interrogative sentence.

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