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正是和服 最大關鍵 。

首先,穿和服必須同時穿『木屐』,還須同時穿上日本式襪子。其次,穿和服時必須再腰間繫上一條帶子。這種和服的帶子無論款式或繫法均 十分獨特,他不僅與和服渾然天成,更能將和服的美表現的淋漓盡致。

和服完全不用鈕扣,全部由帶子束縛和固定造型。不同的和服需要選擇不同 的帶子,同一間和服配上不同帶子,會產生不同的效果。因此日本人對帶子十分的講究,精工細做,極盡考究。而且穿和服結繫腰帶,不僅有助於創造美感,還有利

於人體健康。過去有人認為,腰間纏著寬寬的、厚厚的一層帶子,是對身體進行束縛,是不科學、不衛生的,但是,近年的研究結果表明,和服的腰帶不僅能平均地 壓迫身體,使人體的血壓下降,可以將胃往上托,更是一種科學和衛生的方做法。

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    Japanese kimono most important thing is to reconcile the beauty of color,

    Kimono, belts, accessories, materials, patterns, color ... and so on,

    How to make a perfect match,

    Kimono is the most crucial.

    First of all, wear a kimono must also wear 』『 clogs, but also a Japanese-style socks to wear. Secondly, wearing kimono must be re-tied a belt around his waist. This kimono's belt-line regardless of style or are very unique, he not only with the kimono aspire to better the performance will be most vividly the beauty of kimono.

    Kimono is no need to button, all bound by a strap and a fixed shape. Needs of the different kimono choose a different band, same kimono with a different tape will produce different results. Therefore, the Japanese are the stresses on the tape, delicate to do his best elegant. And wearing a kimono belt knot system will not only help create a sense of beauty, as well as benefit

    On human health. The past, people believed that the wide around his waist, a thick layer of tape is tied to the body, it is unscientific, unhealthy, but in recent years, research results show that the kimono belt evenly oppression not only physical, to make the body's blood pressure dropped, you can prop up the stomach, but also a side of science and health practice.


    希望對你有幫助: )

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