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On the Celebrity Apprentice, do you think Trump was right to fire Carol Leifer?

The women's team worked well together but they lost - so one of them had to take the fall.

But, do you think Carol deserved to be fired first? It seemed like the younger girls were kind of ganging up on her. What do you think?

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    ***Not real sure if she deserved to be the first to be fired, but she didn't do as much for the first challenge as some of the rest. The women did pretty good drawing in people, but should have made sure, that their moneymakers got in and served rather than to be left standing outside in line.

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    It's all about ratings. She just wasn't making enough noise. She's a comedian and they probably expected more out of her like they got from Joan Rivers. Donald likes to keep the catty people around longer because they cause more buzz for the show.

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