Can a company you're applying to find out about your employment history (i.e. every job you worked at)?

I've been applying for jobs recently now that I'm about to graduate from college. My job history is as follows:

My 1st job was at a retail store from 2003-05 while I was a junior/senior in high school. It's complicated, but basically I accidentally walked off their property with something that belonged to them, so they fired me (officially it was "involuntary termination")

My 2nd job was another retail job which I worked at for over 3 years from 2005-08 while I was commuting to a Community College. After I graduated, I transferred to another college to finish up my Bachelors. I quit this job because of the commute.

My 3rd job was at a supermarket in fall 08' across from my new college, but the hours conflicted with my school work and management refused to let me change my availability during the probationary period (90 days). After 2 months, I just stopped showing up and they sent me a letter saying I was "voluntarily terminated".

On my resume and applications, I usually only put down my second job from 05-08 since that was really the only solid job I have. I generally tell potential employers that I didn't work before 2005, and omit my supermarket job, saying that since 2008 I've solely concentrated on school. I'm wondering if its possible for employers to find out about the other two jobs I've worked at during a background/employment history check.

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    No, they have no way to find out about the other jobs that you have worked if you do not inform them of the jobs. Furthermore they have no authority to contact any of your previous employers without your permission. This is why they usually ask on the application if it is ok to contact previous employers.

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