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Questions about the HOLOCAUST!!!!!?

Okay I have to do a one page report about the Holocaust. I kind of know what its about with Adolf Hitler and all but I need to know the following things......





If you want it to be phrased more clearly....

WHO started the Holocaust:

WHAT started it:

WHERE did it take place:

WHEN did it happen:

WHY was the Holocaoust started:

HOW was the Holocaust started:

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    WHO started the Holocaust:

    The Nazis started the Holocaust because it has always been a goal of Hitler to eliminate Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, mentally or terminally ill people, or others he called lebensunwertes leben (lives not worth living) as you can tell from Mein Kampf.

    WHAT started it:

    The Election of Hitler as the chancellor of Germany led to him in power and in control of the destiny of Jews and Germany. As soon as he came in power, the annihilation of Jews almost started immediately.

    WHERE did it take place:

    It first took place in Germany but as German army took control of Poland, Amsterdam, Austria, France, and other nearby places, they continued their execution of Jews, Homosexuals and Gypsies in every place they control.

    WHEN did it happen:

    It happened just around 1938. The first recorded violence was the Kristallnacht and since then, Jews became the targets of the Nazis under various abuses and maltreatment and many were forced to flee to Britain and America to escape while they can. Mass extermination of Jews and death camps started in 1939.

    WHY was the Holocaoust started:

    The Holocaust was started because Hitler convinced the German public that the Jews were to blame for Germany's terrible economic condition after WWI. At the time, Germany suffered from stagflation, hyper-inflation, and famine, which made living extremely difficult for the German people. Britain and France suffered too but not nearly to the extent of Germany because as the loser of WWI, the Germans were required to pay large sums of reparation fees which made their suffering economy even worse. The German people were dissatisfied angry, and starving. They protested, rioted, and overthrew the newly formed democratic government and elected Hitler as their leader because they want a quick solution to their problems. Hitler offered them hope, by blaming everything on the Jews and claimed that Germany can regain its former glory and prosperity with militarism and invasion. That is why so many people blindly followed Hitler and carried out all his plans. People will do anything when they are desperate.

    HOW was the Holocaust started:

    The Holocaust was started with the election of Hitler and the Kristallnacht where a Jew attacked some Germans. The Kristallnacht was used by Nazis as their justification for the conspiracy that Jews intended to harm Germans since they were at the time mostly rich bankers and successful cooperate owners who stole from the Germans who were mostly unemployed after the war.

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    Who: Adolf hitler and the nazis that followed him

    What: The bad economy of the Usa

    Where: In different parts of the world but mostly europe

    When : 1939-1945

    Why: Because hitler conviced the germans that the jews stole their money and didnt help with the governements.

    How: Hitler wanted to kill them

    Source(s): my history books
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    Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's started the holocaust.

    Hitler not like 'imperfect' people started it. (He thought gays, jews, and gypsies were imperfect.)

    It took place in Nazi, Germany.

    It happened around 1941-1945-ish. (That's when the genocide was)

    Was started because of what started it. ^

    It was started through Hitler 'brainwashing' people into thinking that was the only way to go, and it was the right way to go. He was a brilliant man, and knew how to control people through lies and intimidation. He was mad and evil, but brilliant.

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