Why do I have an essential tremor? I'm only thirteen?

My whole body shakes. All of it. I am currently going to a doctor and taking medication but I still shake and twitch. It keeps me up at night because I can't stay still and it annoys me. People will ask me if I'm scared of what's wrong all the time. When I explain, they just give me that damn sympathetic look and say things like "Oh..." "Aww... That sucks." "Oh my god" or, my favorite, "Oh poor baby."

I'm sick of it! I want it to go away!

I have had depression since fourth grade, have had a history of cutting, diagnosed with ADHD, am quick to anger, paranoid about everyting and have a hard time trusting people, and am very self concious. I want to be myself but I'm scared about how others will react so hide behind a shy, eager-to-please, innocent teen. Inside I'm a slightly sadistic girl who loves to play pranks and thinks schadenfreude is fun.


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    Stress and caffeine can make tremors worse. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda, and other stimulants. Exercise and counseling to reduce emotional stress may also help.

    i think you should try to find a outlet to put stress into. Do you play sports? try one if you dont. or a hobby that relieves stress.

  • Lisa A
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    1 decade ago

    Have you had a second or third opinion? From a competent doctor? Are you SURE it's essential tremor? And not a hyperthyroid tremor and something with the adrenals?

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