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Planning on joining the Marines, Need advice?

Im a senior in high school and im thinking i want to join the marines. What are my opportunities if i join the Marines? They help pay for college? How much do i get a month? Once i graduate from boot camp , what next? Do they give me a dorm to live or can i rent an apartment. Please show me the light.

Dont suggest joining the Army.

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    It's a shame unhelpful people like STEVEN get top contributor tags. Anyways, there are TONS of advantages to joining the armed forces. To answer your specific questions:

    Yes. They pay for college. If you active duty and get an honorable discharge, you'll collect 100% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill. I'm currently collecting it. I get 100% of my tuition paid for, as well as collecting $1061/month for living expenses (that housing stipend is determined by the area code you're in).

    The pay rate is dependent on your rank and time in service, and it's the same for every branch. Aside from this base pay, you'll receive incentive pays depending on where you are. You'll also get free medical/dental care. You can find a list of the base pays here:

    If you're unmarried, you'll live in a dorm until you hit 3 years / E4. Dorms are actually a lot of fun, so don't worry about it.

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    Im thinking about the same thing except im a few years younger but check out the Marine Corps website then after you look that over visit was made by a Marine for recruits thinking about joining. Also theres a video on youtube on FAQ's about Marine Corps BC and benefits by jimmydshea

    Source(s): Im enlisting...and i talked to Marines that graduated from BC off of youtube LOL :P N the Guy above me said everything except a few minor details.
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    Dont listen to the last douchebag... anyways we utilize the GI bill like all branches. Or if you attend classes while enlisted that will be absolutely free of charge. Pay depends on rank. It is the same in all branches. You can get a housing allowance or live on post. however i believe if your not married you cant move off post till E-3. I dont know for sure cuz i was married when i enlisted. good luck. talk to a recruiter. and i would never suggest joining the army. semper fidelis b-itches.

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    The Marine Corps actually pays people to answer these questions. They call them recruiters. I recommend talking to one.

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    Sorry, but I have to agree here. If you really prefer not to yet, you can look online, there are plenty of websites with this information. One of the best is

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