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Should I buy the Sims 3 World Adventures?

This question is directed to people who own the game and I'm looking for serious answers.

I've heard that the expansion pack ruins your game altogether. People say that you have to reinstall the whole sims 3 altogether. Most of those people though have mods. I don't have ANY mods or anything off the internet. (Except for the free town, riverview) Do you think I will have problems downloading it? I have a new Widows vista and that's pretty much all I know about my computer!

Also, I want to know if the families you already made go away when you install it. I've been working on this one family for a long time and I don't want it to get ruined!

Please tell me some of the pros and cons of the game!


Oh, and I also used my free 1000 points that came with the game. But other than that and the free town, I have nothing off the internet. I don't have ANY uploads. (partially because they don't work!)

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    Ok. I am SUPER OBSESSSSSED with Sims, so I have The Sims 3, TS3 World Adventures, and TS3 Loft Stuff on one computer.


    It's the second coolest expansion since TS2 Bon Voyage. It's so fun and you get some really cool stuff for your people.

    Second: I have alot of stuff from the Sims Online Store and the Exchange. And, I DIDNT have to reinstall ANYTHING after I downloaded it. I popped in the disk, hit the next button a few times, and within 15 minutes it was downloaded.

    I have an HP g60 (idk the exact model) and it also uses Windows Vista. Again, I didn't have to reinstall the Sims 3. And I again, have tons of mods (including Riverview).

    I didn't lose anything from my computer. No familes, no nothing. All of my people were doing the same thing they were doing before I installed World Adventures.

    Overall, I'd say if you have the money in your pocket, BUY IT!!!!!!!

    It's so fun and so worth it. Not to mention finding mummies is cool.

    The only bad thing about this game is you don't really get a hotel. You get a base camp, which is pretty much the hotel, but it's just not as cool as picking your own rooms and telling the bellman in Bon Voyage (:( I miss TS2!!!!). Everything else is great!!

    Have fun with sims!!!!


    Source(s): experiance, and about 6 years of simming!!! (nerd :p luvvittt)
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    regrettably generations does not unencumber any new worldwide. The exciting area approximately WA (worldwide adventures) although is that each and each physique although there is no longer a city you may flow your sims into from the initiating, you may commute to France, Asia, and Egypt. in case you strengthen your visa factors sufficient with the help of winding up annoying circumstances in those cities you will at last be waiting to purchase a 2d homestead in France, asia, or Egypt. i'm unsure in case you will possibly count quantity those as new cities being which you would be able to no longer directly flow your sims in. wish I helped(: *suitable answer*

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