what was lebanon called right before the french mandate?

Was it still called lebanon? or was it part of Syria?

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    "Lebanon" was the traditional name of what is now known as the Western mountain range of Lebanon. More precisely, it was more used to refer to the northern part of the moutains (Bcharre), as the southern part was usually known as "The Chouf Mountains" or "The Druze Mountains". The name Lebanon started to "spread" southwards as more Maronites started to move and settle in southern parts of the mountains (17th and 18th century). The first political entity to have the Lebanon name was the Mutassarrifiya of Mount Lebanon created after the 1860 mountain civil war between the Maronites and the Druzes, and included much of modern Lebanon except the big coastal cities, the South and the Beqaa. After World War I, the french mandate proclaimed the establishment of the state within its modern borders with the name "Greater Lebanon" (1920). Then it was renamed "Republic of Lebanon" after the promulgation of its constitution (1926).

    Source(s): Kamal Salibi, A House of Many Mansions.
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