toshia laptop question: when I cut my computer on it is asking for a password before i can do anything?

called tech support and they couldn't help.It's not my windows password.It just popped up for no reason shows a black screen and in blue letters says enter password and not an administrator password.The only thing different I have been doing is adding netflixto watch movies on the computer does anyone know what this could possibly be it is out of warranty.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It looks like your bios somehow is now setup with a password. Think of your bios like the keys that start up your car. The bios sets up hard drives, Peripherals, and what boots first. Somehow your bios now needs a password. I'm guessing that some kid got ahold of your system and setup a password.

    Try removing the battery from your laptop and unplugging it for 5-8 hours. After that time plug everything back in, turn on your system, and tap the DEL, ESC, F10 or F1 key all the same time. That will put you into the bios. Once into the Bios/CMOS setup, look for a section or area to set the Bios/CMOS to its default settings. This will return the laptop to it's basis settings. There should be no password now and it should work.

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