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Why does the US media always talk about illegal drugs coming from Mexico, but never about coming from Cuba?

Why does the US media always talk about illegal drugs coming from Mexico, but never about illegal drugs coming from Cuba?


illegal drugs such as South American or Andino-American " Cocaine ", the main illegal drug linked with global violence, British and and US addiction, is the main reason for the war between drug cartels trying to control the smuggling routes. Mexico or Cuba are not producer countries, Puerto Rico isn't either. but they are trafficker countries close to the US borders and ports of entry.

Cocaine is produced in andino-america, it means: Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador (mainly).

and distributed in the USA by (who knows! is always a mystery)

We all know the US is the main cocaine demanding and consuming country in the world; so I have 3 basic common sense questions:

1) What is the US doing to eradicate production in producer countries?

2) Why is the US main stream media blaming only on Mexico?


3) Why is the US main stream media ignoring and evading talk about the caribbean cocaine routes, such as Cuba-Florida or Puerto Rico-NY ? * There are many clandestine flights from Cuba to Florida. Small Jets take few minutes to go back and forward. Speed boats take few minutes as well. It is well documented that the corrupt communist government of Cuba is involved in drug trafficking. Don't deny it!

( I wish President Obama can answer this and share his answers with the public opinion )

so, Why does the US media always talk about illegal drugs coming from Mexico, but never about illegal drugs coming from Cuba?


Probably because the communist and corrupt government of Cuba works for the CIA and the CIA protects and works for the Jewish community, and the Jewish community live mostly in New York and south Florida. The US media protect Israelis and Jews as well.

Update 2:

But it does not mean Cuba is excluded of criminal activities and narco-traffic. Probably those traffickers of the caribbean are who hate the most Mexican nationals in Ciudad Juarez, an industrialized and border land Mexican city terrorized by invisible foreign terrorists.

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    Man, how paranoid is your theory when you mix communism, Cuban govt., CIA with the drug trafficking matter!

    But even recognizing a possible truthfulness of your theory (that I doubt), the "cuban connection" certainly represents a drop in the comparison with the drug trafficking in Mexico-US route.

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    First of all, the majority of illegal drugs come into the US through Mexico as it borders the states. Mexico continues to be the primary transshipment country for US-bound cocaine from South America, with an estimated 90% of annual cocaine movements toward the US stopping in Mexico. The cocaine comes from Colombia, Peru and Bolivia for the most part. Mexico is the largest producer of marijuana as well, which in turn is smuggled into the US. While the US says they are doing "things" to eradicate drugs in the producer countries, it is quite hard to control because of new drug laws in these countries. Also, if you ever study the drug war, you would realize that Mexico is not being blamed, Mexico is home now to drug smugglers who are killing mass amounts of people. Now, Cuba is actually one of the few countries who has harsh penalties for drug smugglers like the US. Not many drugs come through Cuba at all because there is a no fly zone and the embargo prohibits any flights coming from Cuba unless they have government permits(ie, doctors, schools, etc.).

    The US media always highlights illegal drugs coming from mexico because:

    1. Mexico borders the US

    2. The most drugs in the US are smuggled through the Mexico border

    3. Cuba is one of the smallest problems in the US war on drugs

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    I once received a video documentary produced by a former CIA operative. I also had befriended a former drug dealer during his period of rehabilitation/change. Both claim that the war on drugs is actually a war to maintain supremacy and domination in the drug trade. The drug trade is a trillion dollar a year cash cow.

    If you google <CIA involvement in the weapons for drugs trade> , you will discover many, many links revealing the well-hidden truth that the military/industrial complex unloads its weapons to cash-strapped developing nations in exchange for cocaine/heroin. The cocaine/heroin is then shipped back to North America for recoup the cash. Most likely a covert arm of the CIA handles the trades. The other arms of Central Intelligence would be kept in the dark regarding this drug trade.

    My friend told me that when he would go to Vietnam to purchase his drugs....he would meet with Vietnamese military officials to make the purchase. Why? Because the military are in cahoots with the opium farmers....The military would exchange the opium/heroin for weapons from CIA agents. The agents had their particular 'safe' means of shipping the drugs back to America for resale.

    So, the supplier-countries that are targetted in the war on drugs would necessarily be the 'competition' ....Meaning all "non-affiliated", dealers/suppliers of drugs must be eliminated.

    Meanwhile, in the war-for-supremacy in the drug trade, only those producers/suppliers that are in cahoots with the covert, <American-weapons-for-drugs business> are left alone and safe-guarded.

    I am going to take a guess that because marijuana is such an easily grown and accessible drug....that the marijuana trade is being targetted/eliminated. The marijuana industry is a threat to the profits being made in the cocaine/heroin-for-weapons trade.

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    I agree, Mexico is not the only country with drug-trade problem being aside the country with the most of the consume and demand. Of course many countries around the USA and beyond are involved in cocaine trafficking. Cocaine comes from south America, look at a map! and figure our all possible routes to get into the USA.

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    Because while some drugs are transported via Cuba, most are not, and instead are transported across the Mexican border.

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    Illegal drugs and aliens mostly come from Mexico!!!

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