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I got ISS for this...?

Note: I get called a fag and gay kid by everyone everyday.

Ok so I went to school today it was just like a normal day. I went into 4th period Geometry like I do everyday. Walked in sat down... was a test. And this kid kept calling me a fag all period. So finnaly I turn around and tell me teacher that hes calling me it and she writes his name up on the board for detention. He keeps doing it so I snap and telling him to shut the hell up. We get sent to the office and he gets two days of ISS... and so do I...I think this is an absolutley horrible injustice...

Please note that I am indeed a heterosexual male.

Please note again that "heterosexual" means straight...

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    If you disrupt the test, you will get in trouble too. As a teacher, when two students are disrupting class, I send them both out and let the principal sort it out. I don't have time to play detective.

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    Well you said something inappropriate technically. I'm glad I am done with highschool

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