Looking for housing/apartments in Jacksonville, NC?

My husband is PCSing to Camp Lejeune between May and June. We have lived there before but it was just the two of us. We have an almost two year old now and another on the way so I'm looking for something bigger than what we were in last time(Countrywood, if anyone knows that area).

He has called base housing down there and until he gets more paperwork in/done he cannot be put on the waiting list. So we will have live out in town for awhile before we can get a base house. Looking for at least a three bedroom one. I have looked around online and have found a few to call but I thought I may check here since I'm sure some of you live down in that area and may know of some decent places to check into. Thanks.


Forgot to mention that we have both a cat and dog. Cat only weighs around 9 lbs. and our dog is a beagle(maybe 25 lbs.).

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    I suggest looking outside of the actual city because they have long waiting lists and most of the places suck (I just moved away from there). New Bern is a bit of a drive (45 mins) but the places there are nice (woodland crossing is amazing but expensive). Hubert is nice and only like 10 minutes out and lower traffic. Sneads Ferry has the least traffic and is really nice but its more expensive.

    I know woodland crossing allows pets. They even have a dog park, as for other places not sure...

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    Check out Puller Place Apartments. We lived there for a bit, and we liked it. They are relatively new and pretty roomy.

    We have two cats in our apartment and a 50lb dog. They are pretty lenient here with animals.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We use Craigslist so that, or another online source is probally the way to go.

    BTW, Jacksonville is amazing! You will love it.

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