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How can I go back to windows 7 starter?

I used to have windows 7 premium, and I just want to go back to windows 7 starter, can someone please explain to me the process to do so.Thanks!!

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    Once installed, Windows 7 won’t allow you to downgrade from Windows 7 expensive editions to cheap and basic ones. There is a strict hierarchy which goes like this: Starter … Home Basic … Home Premium … Professional … Ultimate. For example, if you have Windows 7 Ultimate you won’t be able to downgrade to Windows 7 Premium or Basic and, of course, you can not upgrade from low editions to high ones. The downgrade restriction lock has been put by Microsoft to prevent people from messing with tricky and difficult procedures. But, here is a “simple” hack which allows you to embed the downgrade procedure in Windows 7.

    1.Click Start.

    2.In the Search Box, type regedit and press Enter.

    3.Navigate to this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion

    4.In the right pane, click EditionID and ProductName and give them the value which corresponds to a lower Windows 7 edition. Here is an example:

    Windows 7 Home Premium (downgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Premium)

    EditionID: HomePremium

    ProductName: Windows 7 HomePremium

    5.Start your Windows 7 installation by inserting your Windows 7 Disc.

    6.Now, Select Upgrade as type of installation. Follow the instruction on the screen.

    7.Reactivate your operating system.

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