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Have you noticed how ESPN portrays the NHL?

After a series of "questionable"/"dirty" hits in the past two weeks ESPN has been spending about 2 minutes on hockey a day. My point is when this stuff happens they refer to hockey as a "violent" sport, but when a football player does something that is considered dirty by everyone's standards, it is considered a "physical" sport. Why do they go out of their way to portray the NHL in a negative light for the two minutes of face time that they get?

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    ESPN is to legitimate sports journalism what McDonald's is to healthy eating.

    Let's take a gander at ESPN's hockey experts (who thankfully I'm not subjected to except when I travel to the US):

    -Matthew Barnaby (a real Lady Byng type...I lost count of how many times he won the Art Ross Trophy).

    -Barry Melrose (I had to watch this slow-footed useless rube as a child...he was befitting the Ballard family...a real offensive juggernaut there)

    -John Buccigross (never played the game)

    So two guys who spent a goodly part of their careers in the sin bin and dropping the mitts are going to opine about playing the game clean.

    Melrose also was a beyond-failure as a coach with Tampa who did his dead-level best to screw up Steven Stamkos.

    No offence but I'll take Pierre McGuire's flop sweat and the TSN crew over the ESPN short bus any day of the week.

    As I pointed out to some mouthbreather yesterday- the NFL has a long and frankly brutal record when it comes to this sort of thing. Hundreds of former players with post-concussion problems that went ignored, three players having suffered paralysis as a result of on-field incidents, and the death of Korey Stringer.

    ESPN famously glossed over (i.e. tried to ignore) the NBA reffing scandal (the one with the former ref who admitted to fixing games and who served jail time)...way to be brave on that one.

    I'll point out that Versus is getting higher ratings for their NHL coverage than ESPN ever did. Let that linger in your pallete like a really good single malt scotch...and then you'll have the true answer to your question.

    I see that Versus has acquired a UFC package (not my thing but clearly it gets ratings). This "should" be right up ESPN's alley, but instead you'll see what- more poker? Minor league NASCAR? Baseball (which skews very old)? The NBA?

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    I've never understood that.

    They broadcast in a country that loves UFC, boxing, football... and just about everything violent under the sun.... and then an occasionall hockey fight/dirty hit comes along and hockey is evil becuase of it? I have absolutley NO idea how these guys can reason.

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    Well, now you know what we Philly fans mean when we say ESPN has a grudge to keep, and keeping it well is what they do. I'm sure there are still a few sore hides up there in Connecticut since the NHL departed for the Outdoor Network (Versus).

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    The NHL is about the only sport that ESPN does carry. It makes sense.

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    I notified ESPN approximately the error that they made and informed them to appologize for the error. Something like that is unacceptable. Everybody is aware of that Djokovic is Serbian and by way of striking a croatian banner beside him they insulted Djokovic and the entire Serbian country.

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    I hate ESPN. They don't get to broadcast hockey, so they have to badmouth it as much as possible. Just watch, the second they get to broadcast games, it will be just as great of a sport as basketball and football according to them.

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    Fans of the N-H-L,

    you would do well

    to NOT listen

    to E-S-P-N!

    Fans of the N-H-L,

    the game WILL sell,

    without the help,

    of E-S-P-N or anyone else!

    Fans of the N-H-L,

    remember this well:

    “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

    - Dr. Seuss

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    because ESPN sucks

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