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girls why do some of you hate giving head?

half the girls i know always hate giving head some opinions would be nice :0

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    oral sex is very intimate and most girls like to feel secure in a relationship before they do it.

    guys on the other hand are rather selfish and sometimes push the girls head down. all very nice for him but very uncomfortable for her. another reason some girls don't like giving head is that semen tastes rather revolting and some cannot accept the guy coming in her mouth.

    the best way is to wear a flavoured condom.

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    Girls Giving Head

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    I personally like sucking D but I have to love the guy and he has to be very clean and not Hairy.


    You know what don't suck Dick girls just let them give you head.


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    Some girls love giving head, and some girls hate it. I don't usually prefer giving bjs, but sometimes i do it because it pleases my bf.

    Some girls hate giving head for a number of reasons.

    Those being:

    -they think it's a chore

    -it's unhygienic. Some men don't wash properly down there

    -they hate swallowing. Semen tastes bad to me and I know some guys that have forced their girls to swallow...disgusting!

    -some men don't understand that having a huge **** in your mouth can be painful! Your lips can get numb and ur jaw will be sore! it may feel like it's taking forever to please your man.

    -gagging. Men love deepthroating, and they love to f*ck ur mouth. But what they don't understand is that everyone has a gag reflex! Some girls choke when pushed too far or even throw up! It's all nice for the man but uncomfortable for the lady.

    *if you r giving head for the first time make sure your man respects your limits and that he'll allow you to do things at ur own pace and slowly open up more*

    Source(s): Personal experience!
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    You know what ladies I'm just gonna say it.. your man will love you 100% more if you just suck his dick. Think about it... He puts his mouth on your vagina. Okay? Your period comes out of there.. like, gross.. and he looks forward to it. He loves doing it. At least I do. I cant speak for all guys. And.. a lot of guys work all day long in manual labor jobs. Construction.. Military.. Fireman.. mechanic.. all kinds more. You cant tell me for a second that the entire day going by.. he isn't saying to himself.. "holy ****.. I just want my dick sucked.. that would make this work day so much better." So ladies.. please be fair. Realize that its a two way street. There is more to life than just keeping you happy. If your man works on a construction site.. suck his dick sometimes. That's all I'm saying. Don't be so inconsiderate. But if you have a guy who's lazy, doesn't work, doesn't know what he's doing..etc, that is not a real man. ditch that guy. don't suck his dick. Find a guy that serves a purpose and suck his dick

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    Because the first time they did it they sucked at it and so it ****** up their confidence then they don't like doing it anymore.

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    I give head.. ive even convinced one of my friends to try it... So not all girls hate it..

    I will say that Its not like I love giving head.. Its not something I look forward to doing..

    I do hate it when the guy asks me to do it, or if he pushes my head down towards his dick.. When my bf does that, I don't give him head. The only times i give him head is when I want to do it on my own, just to do it, and when he DOESN'T ask for it.. If he asks for it, i feel pressured, and i don't do it.

    So maybe these girls don't like giving head because of the way the guys ask for it.. Why do you guys feel the need to ask for it. If the girl wants to do it, she will do it on her own.

    Also, every girl is different. Not every girl wants a dick in her mouth..

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    That shot be so nasty and freaky I won't never do that for lots of money ❌

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    ag jam then they will start loving it like u go down theirs fair exchange will do 69 69 69

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    they have not tasted the sweet nectar of the Gods. Once their curiosity is piqued they will learn to suck the

    Source(s): up down swallow. repeat as
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