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My friend might be Pregnant... She's 15 and in a bad situation...?

Okay so My BEST friend (she DID NOT have sex, it was a different process....) she thinks she may be pregnant. She lives with her grandma and grandpa and they say they will kick her out if she ever gets pregnant and they mean it, they are very.... strict and her grandpa can be abusive. Her abusive father, however, has been kicked out. She is really scared that she might be pregnant. We are trying to get ahold of a pregnancy test for her without the adults finding out first.

She is scared because she didn't know she might be pregnant and she had been drinking (alcohol) not a lot but probably enough. She feels so bad and scared right now. She CAN NOT tell her grandparents.

She's fifteen and we are trying to figure out how to do this. I need to know ways to tell if you are pregnant without a pregnancy test and I need some help all in all on this situation. We don't want to make a big deal of it until we know if she is or not. If she is then she's about a month along.

She usually has a very regular period and it hasn't come at all this month yet and she's been really sick and throwing up and she had to pee so bad that she actually used the school bathroom (she NEVER uses the school bathrooms.)

I really need help on this! THANKS SOOOO MUCH!


okay so her ex boyfriend (he broke up with her right after...) well she gave him a hand job and he cummed on her hand and they were messin around and he got *** on HIS hand... then he all out fingered her so yeah.... that's how she might be pregnant.

Update 2:

You can be pregnant if the process I described has taken place, trust me I know this because everyone I've asked has said yes. I just need help and... Yeah we're working on gettin a pregnancy test.

Update 3:

Mizzkiss... Thank you for your answer and I'm sorry about your situation. We don't live near a free clinic and... She's grounded until summer for being caught with Weed.

Update 4:

Jolynn: I'm so sorry. It's really stressful, I am trying to muster up the courage to go into a store and buy a test... I just dont want to be caught at 14 with a pregnancy test ya know? I mean sure I could say it's for a friend if anyone asks... But they all know who my best friend is so..... :/ idk

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    She can't be pregnant if she's never had sex, so either she's lying to you about not having sex or she's not pregnant. The only way to find out if she's pregnant is if she takes a test.

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    It sounds like a really big situation you've gotten yourself into... First of all, you should try to track your period from the last date of your last period to make sure that you do have the potential to be pregnant. If it is five or more days after your missed period, take a pregnancy test. Luckily (or maybe not), you don't have to be of a certain age or with a guardian to purchase one of these. If the pregnancy test comes out positive, schedule a visit with your family doctor or go to the free clinic. You'll want to do this anyway, because you didn't use a condom. You need to get screened for multiple STD's. Unfortunately, STD's like HIV AIDS won't show up for six months or more on tests. As for moral support, I would suggest talking to your mom, your guidance counselor, a teacher or minister or any important adults in your life. Once you have a support system, it will be easier (not that it's going to be easy at all) to deal with the entire situation. You do not have to go through this alone, despite your fears that your father will be upset. Also, having someone by your side when and if you talk to your father will help tremendously. On that note, yes. He will be upset. But probably more so because he will be extremely scared for you, not just because he's racist. Nobody wants to hear that their 15 year old daughter is possibly going to be a mom, or worse, infected with some incurable STD. Please, please, please, for the sake of yourself, and everyone else in your life, if you're going to be sexually active, at least use protection.

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    I doubt your friend is pregnant is she did not have sex, there arent many other ways to get pregnant. She had to come into contact with sperm around her area, the only way. You can not tell if a woman is pregnant without a pregnancy test for a while. You should get a hold of a test and just take it, go out with her somewhere and buy one and take it while your gone, dont go home with it.

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    hey hun. well if your friend did not have actual sex she is probably not pregnant. but you need to tell her to not stress about it because that will cause her period to be late. But if you guys are really worried about it go to like walmart or something and get a pregnancy test and take it at school.

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    sweet heart i have a similar problem and i totally understand but u have to stay calm about it because freaken out and cryen won't help at all but i think that if u guys have a free clinic u should go and ask them because it could be that they will give u a free prego test and then u would know wether u r prego or not .......i kno this because i am prego and my mom doesnt kno but she said she is going to kick my *** out if i get prego so dont be worried ur not alone at all

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    she can only be pregnant if she had sex.

    stressing out can cause her period to be later.

    buy her a test and get her to take it at school

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    this EXACT same situation happened to me

    were freaking out

    it CAN happen ive done so much reasearch

    if you find anything let me know im stressed about it too

    and if i find anythign ill let you know , dont believe everyone saying it cant happen cuz it can

    believe me

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    Hm i really dont know but are you really talking about your "friend"? anyway ask someone at the dollar store to buy u a pregnancy test idk they let me buy laxatives by myself im 14

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    Kay well if she didn't have sex than she's not pregnant ..

    if she is, than she should abort it or something.

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    If she didn't have sex then she can't be pregnant!

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