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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 1 decade ago

Which is more worth it, FIFA 10 or NHL 10?

If you had to choose one, which one would you buy? Give reasons.

I have FIFA 09 but no NHL games yet on the PS3.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    NHL 10. The NHL series from EA Sports has been one of the most innovative sports titles in recent memory. They have taken ideas in the online space that were way ahead of their time, like online leagues, etc. FIFA is still a good game, but I don't think it is a great improvement over FIFA 09.

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  • 4 years ago

    is the sector in nhl concern? in any case that's no longer all with regard to the sector, it incredibly is the area. good ol small industry canada. is small industry canada the excellent for the nhl? does small industry canada attraction to significant agencies and sponsors? quebec, winnipeg? if i via no ability have been given into hockey i could desire to have absolutly no theory what and the area those places are. phoenix, atlanta, l.a, anaheim, tampa, miami, those are places that are incredibly recognizable. at the same time as nbc, pepsi, taco bell, bridgestone, in fact any sponsor is calling over in the event that they're fascinated in sponsoring they like to verify vast metropolatin areas like atlanta and phoenix. nbc absolutly refuses to have something to do with canadian communities, why? because of fact it does not attraction to persons. shall we face it, canada has a poulation of 33 million, a million much less then the state of california on my own. the nhl is attempting to attraction to each and each and each and all of the persons obtainable. canada's already bought. is there quite that plenty funds to be made in small industry canada? ottawa is an amazing greater beneficial industry then quebec or winnipeg yet they have long long gone bankrupt and although lose funds. they sell out, bypass to the playoffs, have been to the finals, yet they although bleed purple ink. attendence does not equivalent gaurenteed earnings. bettman isn't asserting no to winnipeg or qubec getting a franchise, he's asserting no to them getting an modern franchise. everybody be attentive to that the nhl makes hundreds of thousands in strengthen fee's and thats rather plenty the way they like it carried out. the sport won't have the means to reinforce and develop without shifting to all diverse places, especially warmth climate climates. i'm going to, even with the undeniable fact that, agree that particular communities in an comparable non classic industry such as florida and tampa or l. a. and anaheim looks very stupid (in spite of the undeniable fact that ana and l. a. do precise for themselves). the nhl and distinctive activities leagues could desire to look to opened up to diverse citys once you think approximately that there are so few franchises available. does it make journey for l. a. to have the lakers and the clippers? the clippers on the instantaneous are no longer cared approximately. thats basically the way activities is. i dont merchandise to winnipeg or quebec getting a team, i basically obbject to them getting an modern team.

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