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Why do Christians blame the Catholic church for giving a bad name to christianity?

They use things such as the crimes committed by the church during the dark ages and what the priests do with abusing kids nowadays.

While i agree that the church is responsible for these crimes , what about the other denominations which are guilty of crimes as well?

Calvinist christianity ---- responsible for upholding slavery in america

Dutch reformed church ----- Responsible for upholding aparthied in south africa

protestants ---- destroying ireland, killing aboriginal people of australia and native indians in america

so why blame only the catholics?

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    You are so right! It was not just Catholics who did bad things. All false religion has done bad things in the name of God and have many God dishonoring beliefs that make him look like a monster. They all came down to us from Satan the devil and deserve to be exposed.

    So thank you for doing that.

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    Calvinist DID NOT uphold slavery in america ... you are just assuming that all calvinist are from the South. This is not true there are many Calvinist churches in the north

    and Dutch reformed church is technically a calvinist church

    Also Calvinist are considered Protesants ...

    if you are going to ask a question get your facts straight

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    I !am a christian. And as a christian I am to do what Christ taught and do as He did.The catholics do what very often is seemingly, contrary to Gods instructions.First,they have a sacred prayer to Mary,the vessel which God chose to carry and deliver Baby Jesus.In which, Mary is asked to pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death.Jesus said no one goes to the Father but by the Son.Mary was not , is not ,a. deity to be prayed to...that is idolatry.Why do you suppose catholics mandate that their leaders or priests not marry?The Bible does not forbid marriage to a man of the cloth.Why do catholics have confession? Jesus is the only intercessor needed, after all He knows how many hairs on my head.Jesus is no longer on the cross...but the catholics displaythe cross with our precious Savior still on it....hardly, marking His triumph over the grave. A person who reads the Bible,knows catholics have missed the mark,hence,Martin Luther breaking off from catholicism in Germany and forming the Lutherans in Nuhrenberg in 1692....may you be blessed and comforted by our Savior and Lord,Jesus Christ.

    Source(s): .The New Testament Bible.The catholics book of confirmation.And Martin Luthers instruction for confirmation .
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    salaams sister...

    i love Catholics very much. i am still in love with a high school sweetheart that was/is Catholic and i think about her often... [Caroline]. but then again... i love Protestants too. i have had Protestant girlfriends that i still love very much as well.

    this thing with the Catholics and Protestants i never did and still do not quite understand. after reading Trinity by Leon Uris i have come to the conclusion that the difficulties are political more than 'religious'... as we are all part of the Family of God... (Insha'Allah... God willing) and i would cite John 13:35 here for those who are interested in true Christianity.

    further... i don't believe that Christianity does have a 'bad name'... any more than Islam does. granted... there are many who give Christianity and Islam 'bad names'... but then it might be argued that they are neither Christian nor Muslim etc.

    when one points a finger at someone else to blame them... there are three pointing back at one's own self... so i do not partake of the blame game... except in my own ignorance.

    those Christians who 'blame' the Catholic Church... have little understanding of what Christianity is all about... but the same goes for all other churches. we have all sinned... and there is plenty of blame to go around... (if one wants to partake of that poisonous fruit called 'hypocrisy'.)

    i think rather... that it is wise to consider Ephesians 3:19... "to know the love of Christ, which passes understanding/knowledge, that you might be filled with the fullness of God.."

    don't take this blame game to heart sweet sister... it only serves to separate and divide. Christianity is about forgiveness in the deepest sense of the word. "Forgive them for they know not what they do." - Luke 23:34

    thank you for your question... i enjoyed responding.

    much love... 1 Peter 5:14...


    Gloria in excelsis Deo.

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    Your Catholic church claims to be a follower of Apostle Peter, How can they be when Peter was a married man & also he baptized repented sinners in water in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Acts 2:38-47 so you see how far off track the catholic church has gotten, BTW, I don't belong to any denominations, I am a Apostolic Pentecostal by experience only & not by denomination.

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    The catholic religion is false. And those other denominations they we're wrong. But why are you worried about criticizing the other denominations? Why not sit and face the fact that yours is false and built upon a bunch of lies? Then once you recognize the truth, you wouldn't even care about the other religions and what they've done. You would be more concerned with studying and learning what the catholics did or are doing wrong.

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    I do not blame just catholics for giving christianity a bad name. Catholics are wrong in their teachings as well as many other Church's. Catholics teach that it takes good works to get to heaven and then you still don't know for sure if you are going. they teach that they have to go through a priest to ask for forgiveness. There are many things that the catholic church teaches that is not doctrinal with the Bible.

    John 14:6 (King James Version)

    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    There is no other way but through Jesus Christ.

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    Why do you point to the acts of your brothers and yet ignore the deeds of yourself. Is it that the other churches are without sin? If you point to the wrongs of others are you trying to conceal your own misgivings? Let God deal with what God must and let yourself prepare for your own judgment day.

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    "they factor at issues that ATHEISTS have finished in the call of christianity, like hitler and the crusades and the spanish inquisition, and are rapid to show the finger.. yet christianity has finished lots of excellent issues for them. we freed the slaves and beat the Nazis and the muslims in Iraq. while your activities team wins, that identity Gods guidence. all the astronaughts and presidents have een Christian, yet what thank you will we get? each and each time a individual calling themselves christian does something undesirable, they are not a real christian to start with. Christ is're able to do properly to bear in mind that next time you seek for to discredit us." -Your a fool. you purely in actuality mentioned that it became into ok for tens of millions of human beings to die because of fact it became into below "Gods guidence"

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    This is just a continuation of the hatred towards Catholics that started in the Reformation. If you are going to break away from a group (the catholic Church), you have to demonize that group to justify your breaking away.

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    Get over your self righteousness, Ireland isn't destroyed and it takes two people to fight.

    As for the aboriginal people, the Catholic church is as much to blame as the Protestant Church.

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