Caliente Resort Tampa information?

I am planning a visit to this resort on a Sunday and Monday March 28 and 29. One, will there be many people there on a Sunday evening, is the entire resort including the sports bar nude, and will there be any swingers visiting? And, is it worth it to stay again on Monday night? Thanks!

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    You are going to LOVE Caliente! There is a TON of stuff going on during that time! Its MARCH MAdness - so sports nutz can get their game on! There is also a Biker event going on... The Bare buns Biker Rally and Run on the 27th, begininning with a leather and lace dance, then the run Saturday morning and rally with an awesome live band in the afternoon, BBQ, games, contest, prizes, etc! Sunday evening is Starlight Jazz Night on the veranda!

    The resort is not nude, it is Clothing Optional, so you can dress at your own comfort level throughout your stay. The only place you have to be nude is in the main pool!

    As far as "swingers" being there, there are people from all lifestyles and walks of life there as there are at any resort or hotel or beach or public pool and everywhere. The wonderful thing about Caliente is they do not descriminate against anyone, so everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the most luxurious and fun resort anywhere!

    As far as Monday's - sometimes its packed sometimes it isn't so much... but there is still plenty to do and resort is just beautiful, so come out and enjoy!

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    Dang...You are going to miss me by two days! I am coming in on Wen March 31st to check it all out. I expect it to be a fun place. So if there are not swingers there on Monday...there will be on Wen...LOL

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    Stop being a whiny little brat and find out for yourself instead of sitting on here all day.

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