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What are 15 very famous rocks around the world?

Hi guys. I have a science project due on March 22 and I really need to know 15 very famous rocks around the world, why they are famous, and the city and state they are in. My science teacher said I can use the internet and I trust your answers. Please, please, please, help me out! Thanks!

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    given you a few to get on with, hope this helps

    Blarney Stone

    A limestone situated high up on the parapet of the Blarney castle near Cork, Ireland. When this particular limestone is kissed, it will endow its kisser with the gift of persuasive eloquence

    Rock of Gibraltar

    Situated on the south end of Europe of the Iberian Peninsula, lying at the junction of the Mediterranean and the Altantic. Considered as one of the Pillars of Hercules

    Ayers Rock

    The broad desert plains in central Australia of the Northern Territory. Holds great religious and cultural significance to the Aboriginal people of the area.

    Pantuo Rock

    Zhejiang province atop the island mountain of Putuo. It seems to be standing on top of another rock by the smallest contact point and very much likely to fall but has been firmly in place for millenia.


    Salisbury Plain near Amesbury U.K. How and why this megalithic monument was constructed has remained a mystery

    Amah Rock

    On top of a hill near Sha Tin in Kowloon Hongkong. According to legend, it was where a fisherman’s wife faithfully waited with her son for her husband, who never returned, so the gods took pity on her by turning her into stone.

    Wave Rock

    Hyden town in Western Australia. It is shaped like a giant wave that is just about to break onto a 2.7 trillion-year-old prehistoric surf, but frozen in time.

    Bowerman’s Nose

    Dartmoor Great Britain. According to a local folklore, a Norman hunter went out with his hounds so engrossed in chasing hares that they accidentally crashed into a coven of witches disrupting their ceremony; the witches in revenge turned him into stone.

    Flowerpot Rocks/The Hopewell Rocks

    Upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy at Hopewell Cape near Moncton, New Brunswick. Caused by tidal erosion. The tides vary from day to day, the high tide can be as high as 46 feet (14 meters) giving The Hopewell Rocks the world record for the highest average tides in the world.

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    I'd add to the other posts:

    Plymouth Rock--Plymouth, MA--said to be the spot where the Pilgrims first landed in the New World.

    Mars and Moon rocks that arrived on earth as meteorites and were found in Antarctica. Now on display in museums

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    Ayres Rock in Australia.

    The Hope Diamond?

    Castle Rock or Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh?

    Source(s): I'll let you look up the details
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    Rock Of Gibraltar. It's in Gibraltar, Spain. It's famous for a variety of reasons... the tourism, the monkeys that live on it. There's one

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