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Abnormal Vaginal Discharge HELP ME PLEASE?

I know this is going to sound really disgusting but please help me figure out what to do....

I have been douching and using alot of scented vaginal products more lately do the a boost in the oral sex aspect of my life.... I am experiencing absolutely foul horrible discharge right now..It is a pinkish color... No I am not starting my period... And the only smell I cant compare it to is a litter box.... I have laid off the products and am realizing that its a huge problem and I have a serious infection.. Before I rush to the OBGYN which is extremely expensive what over the counter creams and medicines can I buy that will maybe make this go away and allow me to use the doc as a last resort... I am sexually frustrated and I am so ashamed and embarrassed I dont know what to do.... Any suggestions woman to woman would be awesome thanks so much


Okay now also point out that I am a lesbian and I am in a serious relationship... My girlfriend doesnt cheat and we use protection on our toys and if we dont they are boiled on the stove first.. I am very clean when it comes to that,,,, As I said I would rather get an over the counter medication FIRST,,, Because I dont have the money to go to the doc right now... I am asking for suggestions as to what MEDICATION I should use.. Men u wouldnt know u dont have a pussy... u have never had a yeast infection I am asking the girls.. Thank you though

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    If you've been douching (which is never a good idea, very bad for you) and using products you could have contracted a yeast infection. Yeast infections are the most common problem when the symptoms are discharge and odor. Otherwise it would be an STI. For temporary relief you could lie down and "air out" your vaginal region, but you'll need to see a doctor to get a proper examination and medicine.

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    you might have BV which is a bacterial vaginosis...it does clear up but you need to see the doctor so he or she can prescribe you the right medication. I dont think its a yeast infection because usually yeast infections do not have a foul odor...they are odorless and you'll have a white clumpy discharge. But in either case you should still see a doctor. I would also recommend to stop douching..you are washing out the healthy bacteria that your body needs and causing an unbalanced PH in your vagina...At any drugstore they sell a screening kit that lets you know if you have something else other than a yeast infection its by Vagisil... I would go with that and then see a doctor...womens health services should be free..go to your neighborhood clinic and get checked out before it gets any worse.

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    If I were you, I would go to the doctors ASAP, you could be asked to have sex or anything any time soon, and you don't want to be discovered to have what could be falsely accused of as an STD, I read the opening questions and though an STD, till I read all of the details, Now the worrying thing is, most infections are a kind of yellowy, white-ish colour. so... perhaps.. products and infections are mixing, the smell would point in the direction of an infection. Now another problem, most people now a days relate STD's to cheating, say you didn't have one before, and now you do, your partner hasn't got one so, you know.. (hypothetically if you have a partner)

    so.... If I was in your place I would be at the OBGYN by now. It could get worse. so hurry hurry hurry

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    Its likely a Thrush! Very nasty and demanding i understand! I additionally had to placed on panty liners. It sounds like its beginning as much as get somewhat undesirable so see your known practitioner approximately it because of the fact i left it questioning it would pass by potential of itself yet only ended up getting incredibly undesirable and took a whilst to sparkling up. Its somewhat uncomplicated to handle with the oral pill and symtoms could pass in some days :)

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    Only the doctor can tell to you the reason and the faster you will make it the better

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