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which is more stronger, a .45 Colt or .45 ACP?

Which would you choose for home defense?

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    Unless you're shooting cowboy action loads, the .45 Long Colt is a more powerful round than the .45 ACP. Nevertheless, you can get a .45 pistol in a much smaller package than any of the double-action revolvers chambered for .45 Long Colt, like the Ruger Redhawk or Smith & Wesson N-frame.

    While a shotgun is strategically a very good home defense weapon, it's tactically a poor choice. While it offers superior firepower to any handgun, it is also unlikely to be ready to hand in case of immediate need. It also requires two hands to operate and is noisy to load (yes, I know the sound of racking the slide is supposed to be intimidating; it also reveals your position).

    Size also works against the big .45 autos. A Ruger LCP (which I most emphatically do not recommend) in your pocket is worth far more than a Colt, Kimber or Springfield in the nightstand in case of a home invasion. I don't know how things are in your neck of the woods, but most home invasions, driveway carjackings, etc., happen before bedtime. If you're in the living room and your weapon isn't, you are essentially unarmed.

    I have a variety of firearms from which I can choose but I find my most constant companion is a Smith & Wesson Model 637 Airweight revolver loaded with .38 Special Hornady Critical Defense cartridges. Why? It's lightweight, easy to slip in a pocket or IWB holster and packs enough punch to get the job done. Mine is sitting on my desk, not a foot from my hand right now and an HKS speedloader with five more rounds is in my pocket. You would be surprised at the number of people who talk big guns, but actually pack a Smith & Wesson J-frame.

    Something to remember: NO STANDARD HANDGUN ROUND IS A GUARANTEED ONE-SHOT MAN-STOPPER. No handgun round will blow a bad guy off his feet, let alone back out the door. Even a shot to the head may not be immediately lethal. Police officers train to fire multiple shots, three or more, if they have to discharge their sidearm at all. You should always fire until the aggressor stops attacking (and you MUST stop firing the moment they do).

    As for safety around small children, all my guns and ammunition are locked up except the gun that is on my person.

    If you want a .45 caliber handgun for home defense, select one you are comfortable carrying but stay away from the super-compact pistols; they're not enough gun for the cartridge and can be unpleasant to shoot which means you probably won't practice firing it enough to be proficient.

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  • The .45 Colt has the potential to be a much 'stronger' cartridge than the .45 ACP. HOWEVER, The most powerful cartridge isn't really the proper criteria for a home defense weapon. CONTROL-ABILITY is the best criteria for selecting your home defense weapon. Placing the shots onto your intended target rapidly will win more gun-battles than powerful rounds going down range, especially if you are fighting recoil recovery to get on target and deliver your next round.

    With that said, I would select the .45 ACP as my home defense weapon. More controllable.

    Also, I don't known about the power of a .45 Long Colt cartridge that some folks are referring to, I have never seen on and I cannot find a LISTING for such a cartridge. All I can find info on is my old favorite cartridge the .45 COLT.

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  • 4 years ago

    45 Acp Colt

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  • 1 decade ago


    If you are asking which round (.45 Long Colt or .45 ACP) is more powerful, that is a bit of a toss-up. While the .45 ACP originated as a smokeless powder cartridge, its velocity and pressures are limited by the "action" of the pistol, and generally the maximum weight bullet is 230 grains. On the flip side, the .45 Long Colt originated as a Blackpowder cartridge, and the pressures have been kept to that parameter because of all the older guns out there made for when Blackpowder was the only propellant! The .45 Long Colt, fires (typically) a 255 or 260 grain bullet, max. This heavier bullet will give the projectile more kinetic energy than the ACP round. Typically, the ACP round is limited to roundnosed bullets (virtually 100% feeding reliability) or Semi-Wadcutters (in tuned and ramped pistols), while the Long Colt, which is fired in a revolver, can fire any shaped bullet, because there is not a dependence on feeding reliability!

    Therefore: The Long Colt round can be more powerful, based on reasonable amounts of smokeless powder and heavier bullets, than the ACP round.

    When it comes to home defense, I can be comfortable with either arm. Personally, I would ensure a fair local supply of ammunition for my area, as a precursor to the purchase of a self defense weapon. In a "wrongful death suit", juries do not like to hear the ammunition used on the deceased intruder was homemade, because the lawyer against you will make you out to be a "mad scientist" bent on creating the most lethal ammunition possible, showing your intent to do bodily harm!

    Personally, since the need to employ a defense weapon would most likely occur at night when you may have been asleep, I would prefer a revolver, since the mechanism is less "touchy" and therefore, safer and less likely to experience an unwanted discharge!

    Good luck and good shooting!

    Source(s): Master Class competitive rifleman Expert Class competitive pistol shot Reloader of over 124,000 rounds Over 30 years of firearms and reloading experience NRA Endowment Life Member
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The .45 Colt, with its much larger case, as the potential to be a more powerful round. I hand load the .45 Colt and I can approach magnum velocities with the correct mix of powder and bullet weights. While I can also soup up the ACP round, I can not get near the power of the larger cased .45 Colt.

    That being said, the .45 ACP, in my Kimber Pro Raptor, is my CCW gun. The .45 Long Colt gun is simply too large a revolver to carry concealed.

    My home defense gun is a .44 mag., loaded with .44 Special rounds.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the real question isn't what cartridge but what weapon...

    Both are fine home defense guns but two different platforms...

    If you buy a .45 acp your talking about an auto loading pistol.

    one you will need to practice with to become proficient with...

    Load the magazine, rack the slide, release the safety, point then squeeze the trigger...

    A revolver in .45 lc is a whole lot simpler. rounds are loaded in the cylinder. with a few exceptions there is no safety, you simply point and shoot... A lot less training required.

    your living room is not the place to set up an IPSC-style competitive shooting range.

    If this is something your willing to devote your heart and soul too, spend lots of time and money mastering, then go with the acp... on the other hand if this is going to live in your night stand waiting for a day that may never come, you'll get better service and value from a revolver, the lc

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  • 1 decade ago

    Never use 00 buck for home defense, especially if you live with someone else, or your home is close to others. I would go for a 4 buck or some larger birdshots. As far as the 45 issue go with 45 acp. it packs a mean punch and the recoil is controllable.

    Source(s): police officer army vet gun collector
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  • 1 decade ago

    .45 Long Colt can be loaded much hotter than the 45 ACP.

    45 ACP is enough handgun power for home defense.

    If you want the most power for home defense, then consider a 12 gauge shotgun, and use 00 buck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go with the .45 ACP

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Yes, the Ruger is capable of handling jacked up 45 LC. Your limiting factor in reaching .44 mag velocity and pressure is the brass case of the .45LC. It does not have the web or wall strength of the .44 mag. Follow correct loading guide lines to avoid case rupture. A 45 LC is not nor ever will be a 454 Casull either.

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