Trouble getting Adderall and Zoloft prescription refilled during week of college finals. What to do?

I'm going to school out of town from where my family doctor is, have to send away my script, and wait for it to get mailed back. This past time trying to get my script filled, the pharmacy company has been taking longer than usual to get my script, way over a week longer than usual! As a result I have to go without taking Adderall for a few days and over a week without taking Zoloft. This couldn't happen at an any worse moment, because it's week of my college finals. It's been hard making it through studying and writing papers. Do you think if I went in and explain to my professor what was going on they would give me more time to turn in my work so that I could at least get my prescription?

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    Not sure about where you live, but here in California pharmacies can give you a small portion of your 'scrip if you're waiting on a doctor to get back to them about your refill. You should definitely look in to it as withdrawal from SSRIs can be absolute murder and can definitely cause huge problems taking your tests...

    Source(s): Have had severe withdrawal symptoms causing me to miss work, from paxil, prozac, and zoloft.
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    There should be someone on campus to help with issues of disability (which I believe you fall in). Find that person and have them help you navigate the maze. It might be possible if you have a notefaxed from your doctor.

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