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Has a recruit in the military ever killed a drill instructor?

I was wondering if a recruit has ever killed his/her drill instructor in boot camp, like in Full Metal Jacket. I know it's just a movie, but is it even possible to do? If so, what has happened, or what would happen to someone if they really did it?

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    Hello Jordan,

    When I read your question I KNEW you were referring to Private Leonard "Fat Body" Lawrence; AKA Private Gomer Pyle and Gunny Hartmann.

    If anyone ever murdered someone in the military like the movie they would receive a General Courts-Martial and being found guilty would be sentenced to Death during war time or life in prison at Fort Leavenworth Military Disciplinary Barracks in Kansas,

    Don't even think about it.

    Best wishes,

    Larry Smith

    Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)

    First Sergeant

    Source(s): Previous military experience of 27 years: 1961 - 1989
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    Well one died but:

    "A Marine Corps drill instructor at Parris Island, S.C., Monday put an M-16 rifle to his head and pulled the trigger, taking his life while a group of 59 recruits six days into basic training looked on in horror" The Washington Post Article date:November 2, 1994Author:John F. Harris

    Several DI's have been accused of a "reign of terror"!

    The military is a very old, giving the age of the country. I am sure they may be a time where a DI has been killed by a recruit, but far more the other way have been documented.

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    yea im sure its happened before. some really messed up people join the army... and they do stupid things.

    All you would have to do is wait until you go to the rifle range.... and steal some bullets i guess.

    but you will probably get caught. They search you and pad you down everytime you leave the range. they dont trust privates with bullets. but you Will carry your rifle and have it with you all the time.

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    yeah, Gomer Pyle

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    it has happened. (though i doubt it was like in the movies)

    Source(s): USMC 2002-2006
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