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should in invest in ford motor company stock?

they seem like a winner what do u think?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Automobile sector are coming up strongly... There sales are high by 64 % and profits by 348 % ... Ford is a fundamentally strong company.. It is good to invest for long run...

    Source(s): Dalal Street Investment Journal ( www.dsij.in )
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Americans Are losing faith in japanesse cars. Ford is now making cheaper and more efficient products. And they are a government backed company. Plus there sales have increased. Do i have to spell it out yes invest. However you might be late. U might have missed your shot and should have invested when it was at a lower price. I see it leveling around 20 dollars in the near future or 30.

  • prent
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    3 years ago

    At 2.18 situations trailing 12 earnings and 5.ninety 9 situations projected 2013 earnings, you may no longer beat that with a stick. i might purchase it for an prolonged term play (5 years or longer). do no longer look at in basic terms honestly the inventory value. look at this is value in the two relative words (value multiples) or absolute words. in basic terms simply by fact it is promoting for $11 according to share, does no longer mean that this is worth that. If this is promoting for under this is worth, this is a superb deal. @JoeyV - Why does each and every thing that say make you sound like a c@ck sucker? whilst does it grow to be low value for you? At $0.00? Analysts are top under 50% of the time on basic. regardless of declining earnings, this is low value. look up the observe cyclical.

  • 10 years ago

    Buy high.... sell higher.....

    I'm in F (Ford). I'm up 20%. I'm still holding with a tight stop. F meets my "asset allocation" model in my well diversified portfolio.... for me it's a good selection. If it fits your "asset allocation" model and you use good position sizing techniques.... you could be very happy in the next couple of years. Always trail a stock like this closely.... without being too close.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    well if i were you i think it might be a good investment but it would really be hard to tell with the way the economy is right now

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