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Kiss-Sonic Boom versus Ace's Anomaly?

Kiss still can teach the kids about how to kick azz.

Ace still kicks it also.

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    I'm all over Anomaly. 1989 has been way too long to hear from Ace. This album rocks my lame a $$. I have never heard Ace sound better voice wise..his playing is still killer..and even goes on the "heavy" side. Plus I'm biased towards this album..not just because Ace is the man..but he also dedicated it to Eric Carr and DIME !!

    KISS would have to put out a " Creatures Of The Night" type album to compete...can they? Even the KISS tunes from back in the day...the ones Ace wrote are killer...and if you compare their "solo" albums from KISS...Ace kills them all !!

    Huge Ace fan...but judging by the music alone..I'll take Anomaly please !!

    Some Favorites so far

    Fractured Quantum

    Outter Space (killer tune Ace gone heavy !!)

    Foxy & Free

    Space Bear

    Fox On The Run


    "Ace is back and he told you so " (Rock Soldiers)

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