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Mml posted the fuglyblog website in an answer a few minutes ago.?

If you go to that blog the last thing on there is Linda Parelli working with a horse. It is horrible. She just keeps hitting and hitting the horse. I couldn't even watch it all. Is this really Linda Parelli? Why would she do this?

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    And they say parelli is natural that a joke???

    This is what she is doing:

    1)Yanking the horse's head with a rope halter on. The horse is being a horse. And they are supposed to fix head shy horses?

    2)Smacking it: How is that communicating naturally and nicely?

    3)Horrible body language: She flaps her arms, and moves around like she has never been around a horse. She is confusing that horse so much and then beating it which makes it very fearful and then she yanks it and hits it even more. I feel sorry for that horse. She is telling the horse to move away from her: whipping him away from her and then yanking him as hard as she can over. Do you see her move her arm from her farm left over to her right side with all her body weight. This is horse abuse.

    Here is the link on youtube because it will be taken off of fugly:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Please check it out on the horse forum:

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    Yeah. The most disgusting thing about it is that the horse has only one eye. She's giving it visual commands on the blind side, then whacking it on the blind side, where it has no clue what's she's about to do. She's basically attacking the poor animal.

    Makes me want to heave.

    People defending her say this was a dangerous situation... but honestly I don't see that it was. This horse was not aggressive, never reared, never offered tokick. It was a vulnerable horse in a new situation, and should have been handled differently.

    And these people who follow Parelli, who say anyone who doesn't choose Parelli is choosing to rule by fear and abuse rather than by trust and kindness.... pptoooey! How does whacking the horse on the blind side produce trust? Where's the kindness? He doesn't see the cue, and he doesn't know he's about to get whacked. Sure fire recipe for total panic, and an actually dangerous situation. At least for the horse.

    Then, near the end of the tape, she's threatening the horse's good eye - she's supposed to be "making a wall" or some such nonsense, but she's actually swinging her hand at the horse's good eye. She actually HITS him by the eye, several times. I'm sorry, I have a one eyed horse, and anyone threatening his remaining eye that way is gonna get decked. By me. Too bad the owner in this case is so blinded by the glory that is Parelli that he actually defends her, but so it is with the brainwashed members of this cult.

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    The Parelli "behind the scenes" has finally been released. :P

    For the record, I am not a Parelli fan. But this kind of stuff happens "behind the scenes" with a lot of different trainers. The Arabian farm my friend works/boards at... they have awesome Reining horses but most people would be horrified if they saw the training behind these awesome horses. (I am.)

    You might have heard about the horse that was abused by a well known professional Western Pleasure AQHA trainer, Cleve Wells about a year ago.

  • yes i believe it is linda parelli, the background looks like their farm in florida I believe.They are a joke.I really seen no point in her method at all and I wouldbe pissed as a client to have a trainner do that to my horse.Listen to the horse you can hear how worked up he is.her whole point of her "lesson to the horse has making now a head shy horse and a fearfull horse.Smoke and mirors ladies and gentleman. I never did care for their methods they do nothing to make the horse and rider build a better relationship.

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    Because Parelli emphasizes acting as a horse would!

    Ugh I just wanted to shake her! The horse will calm down if she does! I think they need a little more patience with their "problem" horses before resorting to whacking them!

  • What did the horse even do to deserve this??? Did it step within five feet of her??? The horse just looks scared and wants to be loved NOT smacked around!!!! People like this disgust me!!!! Parelli's should be BANNED from ALL horse related activities and should not be allowed to touch another one!!!!

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    Boy, this video is being pounded into the ground almost as badly as when all those polo horses got poisoned. Someone brings it back up every, single, day LOL.

    But yeah, it's terrible, and although the video footage isn't the clearest visually, it's definitely her voice. It matches right up, so it's not like the dubbed over a bad actor or something.

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