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will we lose half our doctors under obamacare?

this is a survey of Doctors,in the New England Journal Of Medicine...i think they may know more than Pelosi,Ried,and close attention to the physician supply #'s...

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    Yes the American born and raised one will be out of medicine in the US acdording to what I have read

    Source(s): May God Bless you and keep our country safe from the pr0gressive axis of evil;0bama,Pel0si,& Reid
  • h1e2r4
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    The survey you refer to concern Primary Care Physicians (family doctors). No, we won't lost half, we will lose those MDs that have practiced for quite awhile and have enough assets on hand to retire. That will be many, many MDs. The younger MDs have school loans to pay off, mortgages to pay off and children to raise that are so far in debt they can't afford to opt out that will remain. They also will not have the necessary experience to match the older physicians. What it means to us peasants is that we will have longer waits at the doctor's to see him. I knew of a clinic with one physician that had a monopoly on the Medicaid patients and retirees and their families of a certain company in town. The wait could be so long in his clinic that they put in food service since patients sometimes ended up waiting so long to see the doctor in spite of having an appointment at a certain time. I've even been told by one MD that if something like universal health care came along he would work until closing time then leave for the day regardless of how many patients might still be in the waiting room They would just have to come back the next day. That's the way ii is going to be when Obama care passes.

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    My sister will retire from medicine. She's already said as much.

    One of the big issues is 1. Baby boomer docs are so close to retirement, they don't want to have to learn more government systems and hoops to jump through. 2. The lack of primary care doctors coming out of medical school simply can't keep up with the numbers retiring. The way the health care bill is structured, the bulk of the work would be shifted onto the backs of the shrinking primary care providers. Part of the plan is to fill in with Nurse Practicioners, but it won't be enough.

    The folks going into primary care aren't doing it for the money. If that's what they wanted they'd go into a high power specialty like dermatology or plastic surgery who can take huge amounts of cash only patients and forget any insurance, government or otherwise.

    Interesting article. Thanks.

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    Uni, hi

    Think, man, think. Hussein obama didn't promise you more doctors or nurses. Even if one stupid enough not to understand that We The People do NOT want gov-run healthcare, think about the insanity of WHAT hussein and his thugs are promising: they will give the healthcare to "all Americans" using the same amount of doctors and Nurses. If this is not the peak of arrogant idiocy - I don't know what is.

    All neolibnazis, answer this: What is/was ANYTHING that gov is running well? And why won't you see that obamacare is NOT about health - it's about POWER. Why are you so eager to make your children and grandchildren "servants" to the President and his ruling party?

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    LMAO. It most certainly IS NOT a survey of doctors by the NEJM:

    It is a crap survey by a Physician Recruiting firm.

    Source:“Physician Survey: Health Reform’s Impact on Physician Supply and Quality of Medical Care,”

    The Medicus Firm,

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    We won't lose our doctors. Where are they going to go outside of medicine that they can earn nearly as much money? I can't seriously imagine a 40 year old doctor going to law school because he or she doesn't like the healthcare bill.

    Medical schools have a very high number of applicants. In fact, every year, many qualified students are turned away because we don't have enough medical schools. Either way, this will stay the same.

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    Probably, but don't forget the clinics most have gone to a "no walk ins" situation and no new Medicare or Medicaid people in anticipation of this.

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    Obamacare is toast so relax. Obama will not run for re-election either. Be afraid because Hillary will be the democrat nominee in 2012.

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    Not even close.

    Some will retire, only to be replaced by others. Believe it or not, not all doctors practice medicine because of the money. Most just want to *help* people!

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    Have you noticed a lot of doctors in the U.S. are foreigners, ever wonder why? To get away from socialist health care.

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