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cia after hrt???????????????????????????????????????

can you become a cia spy after having experience on the fbi's hrt? because i've heard that hrt is up on the same level as delta force and cia requires past military experience for a spy soooooo can you not have military experience but still have CT experience and join the cia?

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    FBI's HRT is NOT on the same tactical and proficiency level as Delta Force...

    And to be a core collector/case officer (non James Bond type Spy), you do not need military experience, you need good academic experience, foreign languge (not spanish) knowledge, and overseas travel and experience.

    To be a paramilitary operations officer (covert and clandestine war-zone operative), you need special operations military experience (as of the post 9/11 world, in the pre 9/11 world; legs and cops could become PMOs). To be in HRT these days you need special ops experience, so going from HRT to CIA means you already have special ops experience... get it? **

    **theres a small percentage of HRT members who rose up to the ranks from the Special Agents positions and not under the Tactical Recruiting Program**

    But back to your original question... a member of HRT with no special operations experience could 100% be recruited to be a Paramilitary Operations Officer, as well as a case officer. He is still considered a special operations tactical operator since counter terrorism and hostage rescue is a piece of the special operations spectrum. (Do not relate SWAT officers to be even close to the same level as HRT). And plenty of HRT boys go to Iraq and Afghanistan, I know this because we have raided houses in Iraq side by side with HRT guys (individuals, not whole teams).

    Source(s): - former Army SOF
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    HRT is not at the same level as Delta Force.

    As for becoming a spy, I think it would be more of gaining knowledge and having an education over military experience. Spy work is not what you see in the movies. Spying is just receiving info and sending it to your agency.

    As far as field spy work in war zones and hazard areas, military experience is preferred, as you would need to be able to defend yourself if discovered or placed in harms way. This is commonly termed as "going undercover", such as police stings, etc.

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    nicely i'm no longer so constructive appropriate to the FBI's Hostage Rescue group however the CIA particular activities branch recruits from military Rangers, Delta rigidity and different particular operation/forces. i understand you could no longer "word" for the CIA's unhappy you're invited. So i could say that particular activities branch could be extra durable to get into. i'm no longer asserting that one is extra smart than the different yet i could wager that the CIA's unhappy could be extra prestigious.

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