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What is your fave boy and girl name for each letter and why?




























A - Boy: Azariah (I also like Atlas and Aweston) I like them because they are unusual

A - Girl: Aurora "Rory" (I also like Artemesia and Aryll and Avelessa) again unusual but pretty

B - Boy: Beauregard "Beau" - traditional and strong

B - Girl: Bianca "Bee" - from Taming of the Shrew

C - Boy: Caleb (I also like Connor) - cousins' names and just sound nice

C - Girl: Cortana -from Halo and sounds neat (I also like Claire and Celeste) - they're pretty and classic

D - Boy: Dylan - as in Bob (I also like Dean) - bf's dad's middle

D - Girl: Doveva - means "graceful"

E - Boy: Evander "Evan" - Greek myths (I also like Eli) - sounds nice

E - Girl: Ember - for a red head (I also like Elene/Elaine) - mother's middle

F - Boy: Finley/Finnegan "Finn" - like Huckleberry Finn (I also like Ferdinand "Ferdy" - from Tempest - and Felix - means "happy")

F - Girl: Faye - bf's ma's middle (I also like Francesca and Frances and Fiona) - they just sound nice

Update 2:

G - Boy: Grayson "Gray" - from Cougar Town and like Gray as nn (I also like Graham) - Graham Greene

G - Girl: Giselle - French and can have Gigi as nn (I also like Grace) - gma's maiden

H - Boy: Huck - as in Finn (I also like Heath) - Ledger and Heathcliffe from Wuthering Heights

H - Girl: Hannah - pretty (I also like Heather - sounds nice - and Heidi - book)

I - Boy: Isaac - just sounds nice

I - Girl: Isolde - story

J - Boy: Jakoby - sounds good (I also like Jackson - sounds good - and James - dad's middle)

J - Girl: Jolene - pretty and nn Jo (I also like Joelle and Jolie/Jolee - French and nn Jo - and Jezebel - pretty - and Juliet - Shakespeare - and Jocelyn and Jasmine - pretty)

K - Boy: Kyle - cousin and sounds okay

K - Girl: Kira - from Gathering Blue (I also like Kyle - sounds good)

L - Boy: Levi - sounds great and ggpa's name (I also like Lysander from Shakespeare)

L - Girl: Lorelei - nn Rory and sounds gorgeous (I also like Lilith and Liara - they're pretty)

Update 3:

M - Boy: Mordecai - sounds good (I also like Miles - like Miles Davis)

M - Girl: Maewen "Mae" - from a book and just like it, Mae is an ancestor's middle (I also like Moxxi - from Moxie which means spirited or courageous - and Magdalena - nn Maggie and Lena - and Meryl - like Meryl Streep who is fantastic)

N - Boy: Nicolo "Nico" - sounds good

N - Girl: Naomi - classic and sounds good (I also like Neva and Nova - they sound good)

O - Boy: Orion - from Greek myth

O - Girl: Ophelia - from Shakespeare

P - Boy: Pater - how Anne Frank pronounces Peter in the b&w movie

P - Girl: Persephone - Greek mythology (I also like Penelope - also from Greek myth -

Q - Boy: Quinton - best sounding Q boy name

Q - Girl: Quetzal - short form of Quetzalcoatl from American myth

R - Boy: Roland - fairy tale (I also like Ryan - my bro - and Ross - my other bro)

R - Girl: Ryanne - just sounds good (I also like Rhian and Rosalie and Rosemonde - also sound good - and Rosaline/Rosalyn - from Romeo and Juliet

Update 4:

S - Boy: Sebastian - from Shakespeare

S - Girl: Scheherazade "Shae" - from One Thousand and One Nights (I also like Sumayah and Sibyl - they sound nice - and Seraphina - means angelic)

T - Boy: Tamlin - folklore (I also like Theodore - Teddy is a cute nn)

T - Girl: Tereza "Reza" - cool nn plus Theresa is a family member

U - Boy: Ulysses - Greek myth

U - Girl: Udora - like Eudora the author

V - Boy: Vergil - poet

V - Girl: Viviane "Viva" - I like the nn (I also like Viola - from Shakespeare)

W - Boy: William - dad's name

W - Girl: Wihelmia "Willa" - ggma's name

X - Boy: Xerxes "Zerc" - sounds neat

X - Girl: Xenia - it means hospitality

Y - Boy: York - sounds least bad

Y - Girl: Yvonne - gma's name

Z - Boy: Zachariah - sounds good

Z - Girl: Zelda - Fitzgerald (I also like Zora - Hurston - and Zoey - pretty)

Also like Jiali and Jade - pretty names

Update 5:

That was hard and I admire anyone who tackled this monster of a question.

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  • renner
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    Boys on the left, girls on the right.

    Ahem, ahem:

    A- Austin or Anthony and sooo many girls!! Ahh. My very favorites are probably Athena and Alessia (also love Audrey, Amber and Aurelia. Maybe also Alice?)

    B- Bennett or Blake and Bethany or Brielle

    C- Chase (also Colton, Carson and Cole) and Camilla or Corinne

    D- Dylan and Davis or Delaney and Diana. I kind of like Dalton for a boy and Danielle for a girl

    E- Emmett and Eloise, Elodie, Ella, Evelyn, Emmeline or Elise. Probably Elodie or Ella.

    F- Fallon? No boy's name, really. Girl- Faith!

    G- Gavin or Gabriel; Gianna and Giselle

    H- Holton? Holton and Hallie.

    I- Ivan? Indigo? Girls- Ivy!

    J- James and Juliette

    K- Kai and Kaia (: -also Karina.

    L- Liam!! Also Leo and Lucas, maybe even Luke. Lena, Lila... no, Luciana!!

    M- Mason and Maia (lately also Micah)

    N- Nicolas ("Nico") and Noelle

    O- I guess I have to go with Oliver and Olivia, though I don't like either. Secretly, I want to say Ocean for a girl haha (I love the French Océane, oh-say-an)

    P- Peyton for a boy I guess, and Persephone (per-SEH-fuh-nee) for a girl. Secretly, I kind of like Phoenix.

    Q- Quinton and Quincy

    R- boys- Rhys; girls- oh god. Rosaline/Rosalie/Rosalia, Ruby, Riley, Reina. Can't choose.

    S- Soren or Scott. Oh godddd... Sienna, Serena, Scarlett, Sage, Sophia, Savannah and Skye. Favorite is probably either Serena or Scarlett.

    T- eh, Talon or Thomas and Tatiana

    U- Uriel and Ulani. I hate U's.

    V- Vince! And Vienna! I also love Valencia (vuh-LEN-see-uh), like the province in Spain, but would never actually use this.

    W- Weston and Winter

    X- Xavier/Xander and Xia?

    Y- Yuri and Yasmin (my sister's name! Pron. yuh-SMEEN, it means "jasmine" in Hebrew, our native language)

    Z- Zaiden or Zack and Zoe/Zoey

    I like this! Took a long time, but I like it! I think the letters I like the msot for names are A, E, L, M and R.

  • 10 years ago

    A: Audrey Anna and Andrew Aaron

    B: Benjiman Bentley and Balie Breeana

    C: Callen Callie and Cristian Cameron

    D: Devoyn Deana and Dylan Darren

    E: Emmalyn Everly and Emerson Emmet

    F: Franklin Fredricko and Fiona Fern

    G: George Garner and Gabriellia Given

    H: Holland Harley and Hadieyn Holly

    I: Ian Iner and Izzabel Ia

    J: Johnathan Jim and Jinger Jenson

    K: Kingston Kirk and Kimberly Katielynn

    L: Lakyn Lareyn and Landon Lawson

    M: Maggie Madison and Markus Matthew

    N: Natalia Naomi and Nathaniel Norman

    O: Oliver Oken and Olivia Omi

    P: Phillip Phillipene and Page Paeiyton

    Q: Quincy Quirt and Quinton Quala

    R: Reegan Rose and Rian Rivera

    S: Savvanah Lea Selena and Samuel Saul

    T: Taite Tayliana and Taylor Timothy

    U: Ursla Ulga and Uranis Una

    V: Viena Veronica and Vincent Vee

    W: Willow Wade and Wallen Warner

    X: Xavier Xylo and couldn't think of one for a girl

    Y: Yvonnie Young and Yaseton Yinton

    Z: Zahara Zoiey and Zakariah Zarza

  • A- Alexander & Adele

    B- Benjamin & Beatrice

    C- Connor & Charlotte

    D- Dominic & Delila

    E- Elliott & Elisabeth

    F- Finn & Freya

    G- Gabriel & Genevieve

    H- Henry & Holly

    I- Ian & Imogen

    J- Jacques & Juliette/Juliet (I can't decide on the spelling )

    K- Kieran & Kaia

    L- Lucien & Lila

    M- Mathias & Madeleine

    N- Nicolas & Noemie

    O- Oscar & Olivia

    P- Phillip & Pippa

    Q- Quentin & Quinn

    R- Remi & Rose

    S- Sebastian & Sabine

    T- Theodore & Tess

    U- Ulysses & Uma

    V- Vincent & Victoire

    W- William & Willow

    X- Xavier & Xanthe

    Y- Yves & Yvette

    Z- Zachary & Zara

  • Boys:

    Alexander, Benjamin, Conor, Dean, Evander, Finlay, Gavin, Hayden, Iain, James, Kenneth, Lee, Matthew, Nathaniel, Odhran (Pronounced O-ran), Patrick, Quentin, Rhys, Sebastian, Tobias, Ulysses, Vincent, Wesley, Xavier, Yuan & Zacharias.


    Amelia, Beatrice, Charlotte, Dawn, Elizabeth, Faye, Gemma, Hannah, Isla, Joanna, Kaia, Louisa, Melanie, Natasha, Odette, Pearl, Quiana, Rosalie, Saoirse, Tara, Ulyssa, Victoria, Willow, Xanthe, Yvonne & Zara

    Why? Er because I like the sound of them. They are nice names.

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  • Viola
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    4 years ago

    A- Alannah, Anthony B- Britannah, Bailey C- Caraline, Chaz D- Daniella, Domnic E- Emma, Ethan F- Faith, Fenton G- Grace, Gavin H- Hannah, Hunter I- Isabella, Ian J- Jasmine, Jordan K- Kirsten, Kenan L- Lilianna, Liam M- Mia, Mason N- Natalia, Noah O- Olivia, Owen P- Patricia, Phillip Q- Quinta, Quentin R- Raeleigh, Ryan S- Sage, Seth T- Taelyn, Tyler U- Urelle, Usher V- Victoria, Vince W- Wyona, Wade X- Xara, Xander Y- Yari, Yoshi Z- Zolian, Zane

  • >jem<
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    10 years ago

    Annabel and Alexander

    Bridget and Benjamin

    Claudia and Cohen

    Daphne and Drake

    Elinor and Edgar

    Felicity and Frederick

    Gwendolen and Giles

    Helene and Harrison

    Isla and Isaac

    Jessamine and James

    Kate and Kieran

    Leandra and Luke

    Mia and Max

    Nicolette and Nathaniel

    Ophelie and Oliver

    Penelope and Pete

    Quinn and Quentin

    Rose and Rafael

    Sophia and Samuel

    Teagan and Theodore

    Ula and Ugo

    Violet and Vincent

    Winona and William

    Xanthe and Xavier

    Yasmin and Yale

    Zara and Zacharias

    Why? Partly because I really do love these names and partly because they're the first ones that popped in my head haha

  • 10 years ago

    A: Aura/Axel

    B: Blanche/Blake

    C: Celeste/Callum

    D: Dahlia/Darcy

    E: Esme/Ethan

    F: Fern/Faust

    G: Gizelle/Gabriel

    H: Hannelore/Hayden

    I: Isabeau/Isaac

    J: Jeanette/Jonathan

    K: Kei/Klaus

    L: Leonie/Liam

    M: Mazu/Mica


    O: Osma/Owen

    P: Persephone/Phillip

    Q: Quira/Quinn

    R: Renee/Raphael

    S: Sloane/Skylar

    T: Tea/Tyrien

    U: Ursula/Uri

    V: Violet/Valen

    W: Willow/Wesley

    X: Xiva/Xaviar

    Y: Yavannah/Yarrow

    Z: Zoe/Zeke

  • 10 years ago

    I couldnt give names for ever letter....damn. I cant tell you why other than I like the way they sound. Fun question you got there.

    Boy Girl

    A Aj Amber

    B Brendon Brittany

    C Charley Clair

    D Dave Dianne

    E Eric Erin

    F Frank

    G Greg Gabrella

    H Harry Hailey

    I Irene

    J Jack Jamie

    K Kyle Kate

    L Larry Lauren

    M Mike Megan

    N Nick Nichole


    P Pat Patty


    R Ron Rachel

    S Steve Sophie

    T Tom


    V Victor

    W Will



    Z Zack

  • 10 years ago

    A- Addison

    B- Bailey

    C- Cael

    D- Dania

    E- Emma

    F- Felicia

    G- Grace/Gracie

    H- Hannah

    I- Isabella

    J- Jayci

    K- Kailey

    L- Leah

    M- Makenna

    N- Natalia

    O- Onna

    P- Peyton

    Q- Quinn

    R- Rosalie

    S- Sage

    T- Tiearrah

    U- Unity

    V- Vella

    W- Winnie

    X- Xhandia

    Y- Yvonne

    Z- Zoey

  • 10 years ago

    A--- Amelia or alice and Austin or Aaron

    B--- Braelynn or Brooke and Braydon or Brendan

    C--- Camdyn or Charlie(yes 4 a gurl) and Cayden or Carson

    D--- Delilah or Destinee and Derium

    E--- Elena or Ella or Emily or Emma and Eli or Elliott or Emmett

    F--- Felicia(I Dont really have any "F" names) and Frankie

    G--- Gretchen or Gracelynn and Garrett or Gavin or Gabriel

    H--- Haley or Holly and I dont have an Hayden

    I--- Isabella and Ian

    J--- Jessicalynn or Jessie and Jaryn or Jordan

    K--- Kayson or Kaeleen or Kassidy or Kailey or Keilani or Keira or Kara or Kenzie and Kevin

    L--- Lacee or Leona or Lexi or lucy or Leah and Liam or Luke

    M--- Macee or MacKenzie or Marilyn or Melanie or Maggie or makenna or Megan and Mark or Marcus

    N--- Niara or Nahla or Nicole or Nikki and Nathan

    O--- Olivia and I dont have a boy name

    P--- Paulina and Patrick or Paul

    Q--- Quinn and i dont have a name 4 a boy

    R--- Raeleen or Renee or Rilee or Ryann or Raquel or Rachelle and Ryan

    S--- Serenity or Serena or Sierra or Selena or summer or Sophie and Sam

    T--- Trinity or TaraLeigh and Tristan or Trevor

    U--- I Have NO "U" Names

    V--- Vivianna or Vanessa and Vincent or Vince

    W--- no girls name and 4 boy Warren

    Y--- no girls or boys names

    Z--- Zarynn or Zoey and Zack

    Well those r only a few sooooo..... ya. well thanks! Good Luck!

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