I need letter patterns for a friendship bracelet please?

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i have the letter "A" pattern. i really need letters R, O, C, K, S, T, if possible can you please show it similar to this: OOOOOOO OOOMOOO OOMOMOO OMOOOMO OMMMMMO ...show more
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  • Chirp answered 4 years ago
Heather's Friendship Bracelet site has been around for a long time - has charts, diagrams and instructions.
'Youtube' has a variety of videos available - here's a sample, and you can poke around there for more.

Good luck!
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  • Nat answered 4 years ago
  • ? answered 4 years ago
    You should be able to get stencils for all letters on a single sheet of plastic at any art supply store and possibly at places such as Michaels. Just use the stencil to draw the needed letters on paper, fill them in with a dark pen, and use a copier or scanner to reduce them to the size you need. You'll always get a cleaner copy going from large to small than enlarging something already small.

    Good luck with your project. It sounds like fun.
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