Matthew Knights says he wants the NAB Cup aced. Your thoughts?


yeah i meant axed i actually went back and put an edit in to say that but for some reason it hasnt gone thru, maybe i abandoned it and went to something else half way lol

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    I agree with Knights on this one, I have said all along, they should scrap the 'who gives a toss cup' and try to play the season earlier, that way more sides could play each other twice, untill sides play each other twice, like in the old VFL days when there was 12 teams, it can never be a fair competition, not meaning to bung on about collingwood here, but they are one side that is advantaged by not travelling like other sides have to, they play 19 games in melbourne.

    Collingwood supporters trott out the old lines like, it's because we fill the grounds etc, so what, it still is unfair to other teams that travel more often, piss the nab cup off and make the season longer, and fairer, clubs and coaching staff would just have manage their players so they'd be fit for september, if that means giving players a rest like the Aussie Cricket side does, well so be it.

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    Sandie, I hardly think winning the NAB cup, is achieving "Glory" hardly anyone takes the nab cup seriously, be they teams or supporters, it is universally thought of simply as a few trial games under match conditions giving recruits valuable match experience, another point is that many of the "Name" players do not even take part. I personally think the NAB cup should be axed, I cannot think of anything that merits retaining it. One thing that has been constantly mentioned here is scrapping the cup and introducing a system where each side plays each of the other teams twice, which the advent of two new teams next year it simply would not work, although i would love to see it happen. the trouble being the season would simply be too long. with two new teams it brings the totall to 18 teams, to play each team twice would take 34 weeks, then we have the finals. so therefore a season would last 40 weeks, it is simply far too long.

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    Seeing a team achieve glory and win some silverwear was outstanding, especially for a team who had not tasted success since the 1950s and has a solid list. The nab cup not only allows us a preview into the official AFL season every year, it allows clubs to test out younger talent or see how the older guys are carrying themselves along.

    How will this young player handle himself in the big league or in a certain situation?

    Is this guy still up for the challenge?

    Will this player regain his great form?

    Who should make the final cut?

    What does the teams future look like?

    How does this rule work? Is it a sucess? Does it fail?

    All these things are tested and answered. The nab cup allows questions to be asked and answered, things to be tested and futures to be determined.

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    I think the NAB Cup is a good thing maybe not an actual cup maybe just like a couple of matches to test out new draftees players fitness etc.

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    You mean axed* yeah mate? I agree with him. I think they should just simply have pre-season games that aren't televised. I'm pretty tired of people making ridiculous assumptions based on some NAB cup games. If they want to introduce a competition with all these different rules, then why put it directly before the season? Have it after the finals are finished in November or something - that way it is just a bit of fun.

    But before the season I just have no interest in it.

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    No because the NAB cup is another avenue for young players to push for selection or to be promoted of the rookie list like Ports Cameron Hitchcock.

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    I hope the NAB Cup goes especially with the extra teams we having coming into the comp...clubs can play intra club matches then head straight into the season proper...I would also love to see the State of Origin matches again...they do it in the NRL and I don't see why the AFL players don't want to represent their state of birth...I would also love to see each team play another team once only in the season...I hate the unfairness of the draw as it stands now.

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    It would have to be cancelled with 17 teams in the competition next year, you would think, so I imagine an earlier start to the season would be a good idea.

    Whether this means extra rounds, I don't know for sure, but I do hope they don't put another preseason cup in to replace it.

  • conda
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    I think it is better than ordinary trial games. Admittedly it has no prestige and the prizemoney is too low (around 400K I think) but it is interesting to watch and although I wouldn't want all the same rules in premiership games I think the different rules make it more of a spectacle.

    I don't think they should allow betting on it though

  • shifty
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    don't think that he has to long to wait now chorus.

    as andrew dimitriou has allready commented that 2010 will probably be the last pre season cup. because of the new teams entering the comp in the next 2 years.

    cheers mate.

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