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Bryan Danielson(Daniel Bryan) or Desmond Wolfe?

who has better in-ring ability?

more charisma?

better finisher?

most likely to win a championship?

better overall

WQ: Chris Benoit or HBK

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    American Dragon is the better technician


    If Desmond used the arm trap camel clutch as his finisher he would be better.

    Bryan is like Dean Malenko....100% vanilla but in the ring he is a genius that can tell 1004 stories with his mannerisms and taunts....just don't expect him to cut a decent promo.

    Wolfe can be the next TNA World would take Danielson at least a year to reach the main event.

    Overall Danielson is better....he can be as good as Jericho today with some help in the interview department.

    HBK because he changed up his style over the years and has become better with age.

    Bryan Danielson has been active as a pro wrestler since 1999 and has been the #1 indy wrestler since 2001. Nobody noticed Nigel McGuiness until he started working with American Dragon in Ring of Honor....

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    Very hard,I think both are pretty equal.

    In ring ability:That goes to Bryan in my opinion,he is super talented,and can mix high flying{a little} with pure talent which is fantastic to watch.

    More charisma:That goes to Wolfe,he is better on the mic,and has a very good gimmick,Wolfe is better on the mic that Daniel for sure and can get the crowd into a match.

    Best finisher:Im not a big fan of either finisher,but me being a submission kind of guy,im going with Daniel,im pretty sure Wolfe has a submission finisher too,but I like Daniel's better,it looks painful.

    Most likely to win a championship:Right now?Right now Wolfe is going to win the title first,but this is TNA,with all due respect to TNA,if TNA decides they like you,in a year or 2 you will be world champ,in WWE you need to work and work and work,TNA is easier to climb,besides Wolfe has a bigger spot in TNA than Daniel does in WWE.But both will win world titles in their companies.

    Overall:Im gonna go with Bryan,he can take a match that nobodies probably going to watch,nobodies really anticipating,and make it great.Just look at Chris Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan,nobody thought that would be much special,but he made it awesome.He can put pure talent,and mix it with a little high flying action.

    WQ:Chris Benoit is my fav ever,he could do it all,he was hardcore,he was extreme,he was technical,he had some mic skills,not much to talk about though,but he could do it all.And if you look back,you can see the elements.He was hardcore in the OLD ecw,he was extreme when he had all those ladder matches,and he was always a technical wrestler,also he was in my opinion the best in WWE with submissions.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In ring ability Daniel Bryan

    More Charisma Daniel Bryan

    Better finisher Daniel Bryan

    More Likely to win a championship Daniel Bryan

    Better Overall Daniel Bryan

    WQ Chris Benoit or HBK Chris Benoit

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  • 1 decade ago

    Danielson topples all in in-ring ability. He's not terribly charismatic, so Nigel McGuinness (Wolfe) has him beaten there, but Danielson has a certain presence about him that is great. Danielson's Cattle Mutilation finisher is one of the best submission moves ever, and better than any Lariat that is thrown by Nigel.

    I see Nigel winning a title in TNA before Danielson wins a WWE title, but it's hard to say, knowing how WWE pushes people.

    Overall, Danielson can only really be compared with Chris Jericho, or even Shawn Michaels, so Danielson is better overall.

    Also, HBK.

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  • branin
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    Bryan Danielson. one million - BarbieOrton. 2 - Y2Jericho. 3 - I A Meen and Richard Kingston w/ Charlie Scene and Ted Dibiase Jr. 4 - Dylan Klein. 5 - E & C Connection and Icon. 6 - Deadman 4 existence. 7 - Fallen Diablo. MainEvent: Siberian Wolverine w/YATF Rookie Bio possibility.

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  • Chaos
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    1 decade ago

    Daniel Bryan is WAY better in ring

    Wolfe has for charisma

    Daniel Bryan has a cool finisher

    I can see Daniel becoming a star

    Daniel Bryan is better overall


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  • Desmond Wolfe

    Shawn Michaels.

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  • Good comparison, both have skills, but Im just not a big fan of either. However, Wolfe has Chelsea with him and Bryan has the Miz lol, no comparison there Wolfe wins it!

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  • equal

    WQ: Chris Benoit!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss german suplexes and technical wrestling!

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  • 1 decade ago

    A tough one, Both of them are really really great wrestlers...

    WQ: Both

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