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Women - highway driving & you have to pee - three questions!?

I'm going on a long road trip for spring break with my bff. Whenever driving it seems either me or her has to pee all the time!

Now if there is a McDonalds or Chevron sitting right there, of course we'll use the bathroom, but sometimes there just isn't a business around!!

1. What is best to do? like pee beside the car, or pop a squat in the ditch, or something

2. Do you take toilet paper or kleenex in the car? Also what to do with it afterwards?

3. My friend said never to pee on the asphalt always go on the grass... why is that??

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    It's no big deal. Keep a small box of tissues in the car. If you desperately need to pee, and there are no bathrooms in sight, find a secluded area and squat (don't get caught by the police, it's considered indecent exposure if the cop wants to be a jerk).

    Be sure that you are peeing over asphalt, dirt or very low grass to avoid poison ivy or poison oak. Another reason to avoid very dense foliage or bushy areas is because you don't want to visit the doctor's office with a tick attached to your butt lol.

    Most tissue paper is biodegradable, but if you're worried about it, also keep some small trash bags in the car, and just discard the tissue at the next rest stop.

    P.S. If you are caught by a cop, tell him you're pregnant and have to pee all the time... crying and acting hormonal will help LOL

    Happy peeing!

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    Pee Cup For Traveling

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    Probably because if you pee on flat ground it will run or puddle all over your feet.

    I wouldn't bother with toilet paper to be honest lol.

    You could pee in a cup. Apparently a lot of women do that. I mean, it saves the whole squatting thing. You will need an actual big cup though. lol. Unless you want to stop and start and tip.

    I can't help with #1 as I've never done it. Surely there are enough stops?? What's a Chevron? There are loads of gas stations. Those have loos.

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    3. My friend said never to pee on the asphalt always go on the grass... why is that??

    Because it stinks to high heaven after a few days - visit your nearest truck stop to experience that joy. In the grass it is plant food, on the road it is antisocial.

    Take bog roll, and tuck the used bit into the grass so it cant blow away, it will break down in weeks. Again, in the grass it is plant food, on the road - ewwww.

    Another consideration, away from the road you have a better chance of finding some cover so the other drivers don't have to look at your bottom lol!

    edit; makeher... here it is! Trust those clever Germans :-D

    Source(s): 15 years as a lorry driver. My mate uses one of these;
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    i think its terrible that there isnt a Huge industrial push for female product to remedy this void (no pun).

    There are actually many products out there for females who need to stand up while urinating(links below) . ! thing I use is the trusty GPS, it will find all the places to pee with "points of interest". Dont chug down 40 oz of water when you are 50 miles away from a place to pee on the GPS. If you need water , eat something salty , it will help your body retain the water in your muscles.

    your questions:1 anywhere out of sight and safe, take turns , make sure you know where you bff is and vise versa .

    2 . Steal a hunk of napkins or ask at any fastfood/gasstop , stick them under the tire b4 driving off, or feed it to the dirt.

    3. You certainly get less splash in the weeds . Be Careful, 2 girls traveling alone,pulling their pants down in public is a invitation to wandering Cocksmen . Keep the bearspray handy even while peeing =D

    Source(s): long haul driver peace =D
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    if you reallly have to pee , just pee beside the car .

    but dont pee on the asphault cause then the pee will get all over your legs from it bouncing off the ground . so pee in grass or dirt or something so it will just be absorbed .

    and just bring a box of tissues or something to wipe and dont forget hand sanitizer to wash your hands! :)

    or you could just bring a big cup to pee in , haha :)

    it would be less akward then peeing outsidee :)

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    I know this is gonna sound gross, but if there's aren't any bushes available, I just pee in a cup (inside the car) and toss it out the window. Yeah it's kinda gross, but what can you do? I don't want a bunch of cars watching me take a piss.

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    1. Get a big box of Depends adult underwear and a box of liners, Each of you put on a pair a with a liner in it, then you can just go when you feel like it and save some time, If you get to laughing too hard and poop yourselves, thats ok too, The depends are designed for that kind of useage.

    2. Take a box of "wetwipes' and some plastic bags to put the used depends in.

    3. Oh, as far as question #3 I think your friend must have suffered from "splashback" from peeing on the asphalt.

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    If you know that you are going to have to pee then dont drink so much, lol .

    Many people go off to the side of the road and use the bathroom in the bushes, idk how safe that is. If you pee in the car, you would have to have some great control.

    After you .. wipe, you would have a plastic bag to put it in, and some wet wipes to wipe your hands.

    If you go in the grass, its absorbed I guess.

    This is under extreme circumstances though...

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    Answering #3 = because peeing in public is illegal, you can get fined or arrested depending on where you are. Peeing on asphalt, they can prove what it is. On grass, not so much.

    2 If you bring TP/paper, you have to throw it away where you pee... Evidence.

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