book author help! please!?

i'm almost 17 and i have to do a writing assignment for my english class that involves me writing about a non-american author and their style of writings. problem is.. i can't seem to find any authors that are non-american that write about topics i enjoy. if someone could list off a few good authors for me to check out, that'd be great. :)

btw- i love reading about life issues. (for example: depression stories, suicide stories, etc.) pretty much anything deep, i'll look into reading.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Once Were Warriors - Alan Duff (of New Zealand) - watch out, it's really sad

    Truth and Bright Water - Tom King (Candian)

    Such a Long Journey - Rohinton Mistry (Canadian)

  • 10 years ago

    Read The Land of Green Plums by Herta Muller. This book is ALL you listed, as well as so much more. She just won the Nobel Prize for literature, so your teacher will probably be pretty impressed at you being "well read." This book can be hard to understand, I just read it for a upper division college course, but I gave it to my younger brother and he didn't have much trouble with it. Great story also.

    Below I have provided a link to the Amazon page for this book, read the reviews and see what you think.

    Good Luck !

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