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how do i host a foreign exchange student from Spain?

i am a sophomore in high school and i want to host a foreign exchange student from spain. The reason i want spain is because my family sometimes like to randomly shout things in spanish and that we are a bunch of rednecks from rural ohio and alot of my family (grandparents and brother who doesnt live with us) is kind of racist towards certain races of people. but they are fine wth eauropean nations. anyway. i want one from spain because we already kind of know spanish and i think spanish people are fascinating. hw do i ensure that the person is from spain

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    Hosting an exchange student is an incredible experience! My husband and I have hosted 5 students (none from Spain). I have to say that your reason for hosting is one that I've never heard before.

    How do you ensure that you'll get a student from Spain? By stating that you only want a student from Spain. If I may make a suggestion, though, limiting yourself to the one country may mean ending up with a student who is incompatible with your family and you should make a list of characteristics (interests, etc.) that are important. If you choose a student that is incompatible, the experience will be bad for you, the student, and the organization staff/volunteers that work with you.

    I would suggest starting to look for an organization with which to host by going to the Council for Standards on International Educational Travel website ( CSIET audits programs for quality. As I mentioned, my husband and I have hosted 5 students. The first one was in '96-'97 with a program that no longer exists. While we couldn't have asked for a better girl to host, there were some areas in which the program needed improvement. When we were ready to host again ('06-'07), we called our school for some recommendations. They didn't have any. So we pulled up the CSIET list and started from there. We called at least a dozen organizations. We gave them the schools requirements, which includes having an organization representative in our city. None of the organizations had one. Many of them didn't seem to care that the school required one. Three programs said they would look for one. In the end, we signed up with Youth For Understanding (YFU). They found a representative (a woman who had gone on exchange with YFU in high school) and we liked her. Now we have hosted 4 students through YFU and I am a local representative (volunteer). Unfortunately, we are not in the same YFU District so I can not look to see if YFU has any students from Spain available in your area. If you call 1-866-4YFU-USA (1866-493-8872) you can be connected to your District Office and they can answer more questions that apply to your area. They will also contact your school to see if your school accepts exchange students and what the requirements are.

    Good luck to you! I hope you have a great experience.

    Source(s): For More Information: 1-866-4YFU-USA Videos: Hosting (1min) Hosting (16min)
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    Ask for someone from Spain. If necessary, explain why.

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    try contacting rotary?

    i know they have programs that send exchange students, but i dont know if you choose...

    or you can google - host an exchange student

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