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Can you BS knowing Microsoft Access?

I have an interview tomorrow for a job that requires that I know how to use Microsoft Access & Microsoft Excel. I don't know anything about Access. I know very little about Excel formulas. Can I BS this in an interview, or should I just save myself a trip? I know Word like the back of my hand, as well as Powerpoint,

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    Are you asking us if lying is OK?

    I wouldn't. I'm an IT guy and I'm frequently brought in to check if people are lying on their resume. I bust people all the time.

    If they have someone in the interview that even knows the product a little, they'll catch you in your lie. If you don't get caught, you will get busted when you have to do your job and you're clueless on how to use the tools.

    You could, on the other hand, go to a site like where they have online video training. It'll cost you $25 but you could walk in actually knowing something about the product.

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    I have been training Access and Excel since 1991 and interviewing candidates on behalf of companies by telephone and in person and you will be found out.

    It is overly optimistic to suggest you can pick up these two applications overnight.

    If some one asked you any of the following questions in Access what would you say

    What is a select query?

    What is a table

    What is referential integrity

    What is a Macro

    You would know in seconds they were expressing terminological inexactitudes

    In Excel you might have more chance but even so

    Why would I use VLOOKUP or IF what is solver and how does it differ from GoalSeeK

    What is a Pivot table

    The best you can do is read a couple of quick key cards attached and be honest say you are willing to learn

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    Access and Excel are very different from Word and Powerpoint. You will NOT be able to fake knowing how to use them. If the job requires someone who is up to speed immediately, you may not be qualified. It's a good thing to know before you get hired and lose credibility (and most probably your job) within a very short period of time.

    However, you can certainly let them know your current MS Office experience and your skill in Word and Powerpoint. Then state that you are willing to learn the other two as quickly as possible. Some employers (like General Motors) provide MS Office suites for as little as $10 for their employees use AT HOME. This is so they can practice using it and keep up with what is used on the job. (This is MS way of making sure that everybody else keeps paying through the nose the rest of the time.)

    Anyway, the employer you are looking at may also be willing to hire you for your other qualifications if you are willing to take classes and are a fast learner. You can look online and find a course available that starts soon (or immediately) and is as comprehensive as possible in as short a time as possible. (More on that below.)

    Then be prepared by rehearsing something to say when this comes up in the interview. For example, state honestly (and succinctly) that you are not familiar with Access and Excel, but you are a fast learner, are have checked into and are willing to take a course (name it specifically) to bring you up to speed as quickly as possible. State that you believe your other qualifications would make this mutually beneficial employment and that you came to the interview hoping to have the opportunity to prove that.

    I've included a link for Microsoft Office's own FREE online self-training site. You may also want to look up paid services before tomorrow, so you can refer to these if asked.

    Remember that if they outright state that you aren't qualified for that position, you can still ask if they have another position that would better suit your skills, and to keep you in mind in the future. Even a referral to another company or a suggestion on a job better suited is a precious commodity these days.

    And I do hope you can get the job.

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    No you cannot BS knowing Microsoft Access if they want you to build databases and make forms & reports, etc. I took Microsoft Access I and II through the college here and still have trouble. I'm in the middle of working on something right now that should work but isn't and I can't figure out why.

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    Sam, here's a truth that you need to take to heart: there is no security on the internet. When you send an e-mail, it is written and rewritten in a bunch of places - sometimes as a whole message, sometimes as small packets of information. You have a record of it on your computer, it passes through your ISP's servers, it may hit a dozen or more routers, it's on the recipient ISP servers, and on the recipient's computer. Personal and confidential communications lose their confidentiality and secrecy by being sent out to the internet. The LIKLIHOOD that the message will be read by prying eyes is small. If you're okay with those percentages, then any e-mail service is equally secure. *** EDIT *** Sam, even with a one-person account, there isn't any real security. The liklihood of your manager being able to read mail from an e-mail account like that is, again, small - however, nothing is absolute. I understand your need for privacy in communications. You can generally expect privacy; and if 'generally' is good enough for you, you're going to be okay with the mail you write. If your manager is an IT expert, I'd send the messages by a trusted courier.

  • No. Never BS in an interview. Instead, talk about software that you have learned on the job in the past, and steer the conversation to your aptitude for learning software applications. Perhaps you can look up some basic info. online on Access and Excel, then say that you are familiar with each, and given you've learned ________in the past, that you should be fluent in both no time.

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    No you can't BS thru an Access interview. And if you are being interviewed by people who know their stuff nothing ticks them off more and kills all your chances of being hired then BS-ing. Be honest and take your chances. No one wants to hire a liar.

    One question, what does relational mean when it comes to Access? You're dead already

    Source(s): Saw too many people try to BS their way thru tech interviews when it came to data bases.
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    I wouldn't lie about it. If they're expecting you to know it, they probably have a reason. I'd go and tell them that you are familiar with the programs you mentioned and let them know that you are capable of learning it, and will do so if you get the position. They might even have someone sit down with you and go over the basics.

    But you never want to lie about these things. You don't want to be hired only to be fired right away.

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    Look it up and just download a trial version. They wont expect you to know everything abotu those programs and whatever you are expected to use it for would certainly be different than whatever your last job may have utlized it for.

    But I'd say at least download the trial version and maybe get some practice by doing a tutorial or two.

    Source(s): Faked it many, many times.
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    excel is not that hard to pickup on. Just google excel basics and look at few tutorials tonight. Will take you 10 minutes and you should have enough info to be dangerous. As for access, it's essentially a network database similar to excel and oracle.

    Just google excel tutorials and access tutorials. You should be fine.

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