How do scammers operate?

I believe that I have been scammed out of $850 but I can still call them and talk to people with the "company". How are they scamming me if I still have their phone #? Can't I catch them since I have this info?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Report them to the Federal Trade Commission. There is a wealth of information on there website.. I included a link for you below. If you want to get your money back then very politely and without making threats tell them that you are not happy with there business practices and that you are considering whether or not you should report them to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. Don't tell them that you for sure will report them or that you already have because they will only provide you with a refund if they think they can get out of being investigated.

  • wg0z
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    1 decade ago

    fone numbers in and of themselves are often useless; many of them are associated with prepaid cell fones and will NOT help you find anyone. google the fone number and see if any details are available.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, you can talk to the better business beureau and bring your case to them and see what they say.

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