97 Nissan Maxima, Trouble Codes P0731/P0732 Gear Ratios ... Help?

My check engine light came on the other day and I got it scanned in which the P0731 & P0732 Gear 1 &2 Ratios Incorrect. I recently had the knock sensor replaced which came up in the scan as well but still having these problems and no one can figure it out.

My car symptoms consist of (not always occurring)

Stalling when idle IF gear is switched to drive or reverse

Stalling when I come to a stop light

Low power & acceleration


thanks for the response Daniel! To answer your question, I haven't replaced the tranny at all. I will check the speed odometer but thats along the lines of what the mechanic was telling me. I will check on my drive home from work

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  • 10 years ago
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    ok two things 1 have you recently had the trans replaced?2 check the odomiter/speed sensor a lil strange but my sensor went out lkike 2 weeks ago and check engine light came on gear ratio was off i look it over and found that the sensor plug was bad fixed that and fixed my problem so i would check the wiring and plugs to trans first.3 if that doest help send it to diagnose problem at dealership they will tell you for sure.

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