After memory failed how to re boot?

One of my computers a gateway desktop(older type) went to blue screen memory failed.I bought some used memory and threw it in.Now it will not boot up at all,no beeps just fans and lights.I tried removing battery,resetting jumper,pulling out ever drive,card,etc.nothing seems to help! cannot read beep codes because there is no beep-any ideas? I made the stupid mistake of not marking my original ram sticks-now they are all mixed up,so i cannot just place original stick arg!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It sounds like the memory you just installed in incompatble in your desktop. Do you have any other memory you could try? Go to Google, type your motherboard model #, and find out which type of memory it requires (something like DDR2 1066). Try to find that memory on Craigslist. You might also be able to buy it cheap from a local mom & pop computer repair shop.

    Good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Did you buy the correct memory? If you have an oldertype computer and bought NEW memory, you probably bought DDR2 memory and put it into your DDR motherboard, which won't work.

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