I filed a eviction with the court house in Florida. They have been summoned with a five day WRIT OF POSSESSION?

...the Sheriff served them and posted notice on their door.They never responded to the notice,never paid the back rent to the court nothing.. and after five days I request in writing a Final Judgment and Writ of Possession. Waiting on the Final Judgment to be signed by the judge.. Then am waiting for the sheriff to contact me to change the locks..The tenants never removed the summon from the door.The tenants i believe no longer are living at the property and after several attempts before eviction when they were behind on rent they said they will move their stuff but never did. What do I do if the tenants don't move there stuff/belongings when I meet with the sheriff to change the locks?? Any help would be appreciated.

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    If they have not moved out the sheriff will remove them. They will not be allowed to take any of their stuff, just cloths and meds. Weather they are forced out or weather they have left already and abandoned belongings the rest of the procedure is the same.

    Every state has abandoned property laws that you must follow. Most states require you to send an abandoned property notice to all known addresses including the rental and family addresses. This notice is to state that their belongings will; be disposed of in x # of days if they do not get it. There is then a required waiting period that also varies by state. Once this required time passes you can then sell what ever is sellable and trash what ever is trash. You can put the sold items toward what they owe.

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    easy; you must "secure" their possession in a secured place for 30 days. YOU need not try to find the tenants to inform them of this. IF they do return, they have the right to pay you for the

    cost of the storage and judgment [fees] awarded.

    Presuming they don't return--When the 31st day arrives, you can pay for the storage or let

    the storage people sell the goods.......or you can retrieve them and sell them to help pay the

    money owed you by them.

    Any further help --email me

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