Was My Hotel Room Haunted?

I rented a room at a fine hotel. No problem. When I awoke around 2:30 a.m. a womanly figure in a white dress was above me whispering: "alonso" or "elonso." And then she disappeared. During the rest of the evening/morning, the room would turn hot and then cold, and I felt out of sorts.

Like I said it's the first time I rented this room.... and wasn't expecting this........

What are your thoughts here please?

I am Catholic so I prayed for whoever this was that appeared to me go in peace to God.



NONE: You are absolutely a beautiful human being. Feeling good today, eh?

Update 2:

What's so cool about it? I thought it was unnerving. I mean I am the only guest. Should I have left immediately? Because I could not go anywhere else, because money is at play here. It was like $160 for the night.

Update 3:

Matthew I am not an exorcist nor the thing I heard and saw. I am not paranoid. If you claim I did not see it how about the name whispered??? Please refrain from making mean belittiling statements.

Update 4:

I didn't feel the need to report it. I mean it spooked me out, but why should I go looking for another room at this ungodly hour? I would never go back there again. It was also close to the stairwell, but still it was not ideal.

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    I research stuff like this alot. I may be a teen, but I have an idea. Ask the staff there if there is any history of somebody dying, or somebody named Alphonse working there. Other than this, you did the right thing praying for them. If there is someone, go back up there with some staff and a friend or whatever, try and have a short conversation with them;even if they don't react, it works. Talk to them about why they are still there, and tell them that you understand and want to help. It will help monumentally if you have someone with you that knows what exactly is causing the spirit to stick around. The chances, are that it was an old manager's wife and she doesn't even realize that she's dead.Just make sure that when you're done talking, you pray one final time. Also, you'll know if you have her attention if you start to feel a bit of pressure on the very top of your head. I have developed a slight sixth sense and realized that it happens when a spirit or entity is nearby. I saw my Grandmother not too long ago, and she's been dead for years. She comes to visit every time theres a big event or something. My point is, it's definitely not a residual haunting. It's intelligent and she probably had something happen in that room like A Birthday for her first child, or even a phone call with bad news.

    Now that you have the Important info, I'm sorry to say that you have to figure out EXACTLY how to get rid of the problem on your own. If I could actually SEE what happened, I could help more, but The best advice I can give is, treat them like a living person. I hope this doesn't scare you, but remember, these were living, breathing humans. The difference is, the aren't physical, so they can mess with hiongs like your Gag reflex, your bladder, and your eyes. I start to cry around any ghost. The other stuff hasn't been an issue.It's up to you from here on out. Good Luck!

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    I obviously don't know the answer to what you personally experienced. However, you asked for my thoughts and I (an Unorthodox Catholic) am more than happy to give them to you, and NO this is NOT a joke!

    Years ago I worked in an extended stay type of motel and the rooms all had exterior entrances. Anyhow, on the west wing of the second floor there were a couple of rooms facing south that guests would regularly call me (the night office manager from 3-11pm) and complain that "it sounds like the people in the room above me are playing basketball! Would you please tell them to knock it off so I can get some sleep!?" Funny, I'd gotten that complaint numerous times but whenever I did get that complaint the rooms above were VACANT! I even checked them myself every single time just to be sure that no transients had been squatting there! We in the office used to joke about the third floor west rooms as being haunted, but we were supposed to keep that from the guests. Ironically, after I would go upstairs the noises would stop and the guests would be okay. But sometimes the next morning they would complain again that after I clocked out, the midnight basketball would begin!

    Another guest in the south wing facing west also complained about "a presence" in his room. We moved him but he never went into any detail with me except to say that he felt his room was haunted. I told him that it was usually west wing tenants that complained about the ghosts, but NOT the south wing. Maybe the spirits wanted a queen size bed instead of the twins!.

    I am curious...did you tell the manager on duty about your experience? What was the manager's response if you did? And if you didn't report it then why didn't you? My guests always did.

    His Utmost Excellency, the Emperor, has spoken.

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    Well your Catholic that explains it (Not discriminating for other beliefs)

    Catholics generally are paranoid about this sort of things and they have exorcists. If you do not even leave any possibility of belief in this sort of thing, it will not happen. How often do you hear sane atheists going on about ghosts and haunting? You do not

    You were probably dreaming that you awoke at 2:30, And if you are feeling hot the natural human response is to cool off and you probably did.

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    yes, obviously. well I dont know if haunted is the right word. But it sounds like a ghost and they do affect the temperature. And you dont necessarily have to tell them to go away. I feel sometimes its nice to have them around you - apart from the lower entities of course :)

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    yeah it has to be a haunted room ... thats so cool I love stuff like that ..

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    Haunted, if you haven't left yet, pack yer **** and get the hell out!

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    so one of 3 things was happening.....either your were baked or drunk out of your mind, you were dreaming, or you need to check yourself into a mental health clinic

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