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Army ROTC or West Point?

I'm in high school right now and plan on joining the Army after high school. I'm hoping to get into West Point, but I was also thinking about ROTC. I've compared the two and they seem pretty evenly matched as far as the benefits for me go. I was just wondering about the training. I want my MOS to be combat related and so I want to get the best combat training before I begin to get soldiers under my command. So how which one would offer better training, ROTC or West Point?

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    Earning an appointment to West Point is highly competitive. Earning an Army Rotc scholarship is relatively less competitive. A student can commission through Rotc without a scholarship. Assuming a student earns an appointment to West Point and an Rotc scholarship and is faced with a choice, the decision will hinge on if the student wants to live a regimented military lifestyle 24/7 or only at certain times during the week and during summer training. The West Point Class of 2013 Profile details the academic and extracurricular accomplishments of candidates who successfully competed for an appointment:

    The path to an appointment to the DOD service academies is essentially identical. The Usafa Admissions website offers outstanding advice for students prepping for a service academy, rotc scholarship or any highly competitive university.

    [Be sure to open all links to the left of the dialog box. Full CFA instructions at the end of the physical prep link.]

    The pie chart at the top of page 7 details the whole person score by which selection decisions at service academies and for rotc scholarships are made:

    Helpful to read the chapter on admissions in the 2009-2010 West Point Catalog:

    LOA(letter of assurance):

    West Point SLS:

    Good basic description of Rotc:

    Good Luck!

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    Well, that is what I've heard from officials in quite a lot of branches of the navy: Every officer is the equal, quite. West Point-ers most likely do have an area in relation to your profession as a General, however till that point, your efficiency in coaching, institution, and battle are the best equalizers. The navy is well at spotting skillability and effectiveness, and you can be provided justly. My grandfather (who is had an excessively prestigious Air Force profession, adding being the commander of an complete wing), has informed me that he is see Air Force Academy graduates fall out of grace, and he is obvious ROTC Graduates from state colleges come to be large-whigs. Where West Point quite turns into a large knowledge is that if you are making it to General. It's stated that after you are making General within the navy, be ready for politics. However, if what you are watching for is movement, you would simply wish to forego fitting an officer altogether. Infantry Officer is a totally aggressive department to get into; your grades will have got to be nice and your efficiency in ROTC should be exemplary. However, the Army's continually watching for non-comissioned officials (enlisted). The pay is not as well, however they're going to get extra movements. It's stated that whenever you hit Major (O4), you begin seeing vastly much less movement with each and every advertising.

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