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Can someone explain... (please)?

Can someone please explain Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Synonyms

and any other of these things we use in english?

Im a year 12 student and do not fully understand them, although im pretty sure a verb is a doing word like.. jump, pull ETC

Any help will be appreciated!


yes year 12, i have problems remebering things, i dont know my basic times tables, or eqausions, or things like this for english, i dont know why.

Thanks for all your help, i have to learn this to understand what the teacher said about how to construct a 'proper' sentace. something with a subject and something else.. :S

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    Year 12 ???????

    noun: person , place or thing ( man, valley, dog)

    verbs : action words

    adjectives : describe a noun ( pretty, fat, black, dangerous)

    adverbs ; describe a verb ( quickly - He ran quickly.) loudly, The sky glowed beautifully.

    synonyms: Words that mean the same ( sad, unhappy - quickly,fast)

    antonymns : Words that mean the opposite . ( white, black - fast, slowly)

  • noun- person, place, thing or idea

    ex: him, the mall, cat, friendship

    verb- somehting that can be done

    ex: jump, pull

    adjective- describes a noun

    ex: the FURRY cat, the BEAUTIFUL house, smart, red, etc.

    synonym- a word that means the same thing as something else

    ex: smart, intelligent

    big, large

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    noun: an object or thing ex. (book)

    verb: an action word ex. (run)

    adjectives: a word that describes something ex. (smelly)

    synonym: a word that means the same ex. (say we have the word run..the synonym would be sprint)

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