what happens in chapter 12 of mara daughter of the nile?

im soo confused on this chapter.


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    The story tells of a beautiful young slave girl, Mara, living in ancient Egypt during the rule of Queen Hatshepsut, pharaoh at the time. Mara is not like other slaves; she can read and write, as well as speak Babylonian.She also, oddly enough, has bright blue eyes. Struggling daily to find a way out of her wretched life as a slave Mara takes secret visits to the marketplace, behind her cruel master's back. On one such trip, Mara is observed by two people, who both note her wit and intelligence. The first appears shortly afterwards to buy her from her master and offers Mara an escape from her life: If she will serve him and the Queen as a spy and accomplish her mission, he promises her riches and freedom, but death, if she is found out. Mara accepts the task. She is sent to the Royal Court in the guise of the interpreter of a Canaanite princess from Syria, Inanni, who is supposed to marry Thutmose III, Hatshepsut's half-brother, who for years has been trying to overthrow her. Mara's task is to find out how he keeps contact with his followers.

    However, on the ship that should bring her to Abydos, where she should meet the princess, the second observer finds her again: Sheftu, the scribe, turns out to be Lord Sheftu, the leader of the rebellion, whose object it is to bring Thutmose on the thrown. When Mara overhears him plotting with the Nekonkh, the captain of the same river boat, he threatens to kill her if she does not help him. He gives her the task of carrying his messages to Thutmose.

    Mara enjoys her life at court so much that she decides to play both sides. She carries messages for Sheftu and throws small bits of information to her new master, Lord Nahereh, the brother of Senmut, who is Hatshepsut's closest ally. But unwillingly she finds herself tangled more and more in her own web, as she discovers that she is falling in love with Sheftu (as he falls in love with her). When Sahure, a juggler another one of Sheftu's allies, turns spy for the Queen's men, Mara is found out by both sides. Despite Sheftu's attempt to kill her, she returns to warn him and his followers of the raid that will go down at their meeting place, but is captured by the soldiers.

    She is taken to the palace for interrogation, but continues to claim not to know the leader, despite the harsh beating and the offers of freedom and riches. Sheftu has in the meantime heard of what has been going on, he tries to rescue her, but is identified as the leader of the rebellion by Sahurive. But he has been working well the last years and by now most of the priests, the nobles and the entire army are on his side and storm the palace. Thutmose gives Hatshepsut poison and she drinks it. Mara ends up marrying Lord Sheftu.

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    Mara Daughter Of The Nile

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    what happens in chapter 12 of mara daughter of the nile?

    im soo confused on this chapter.


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