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Ufc 111 Prediction? GSP vs. Hardy Mir vs. Carwin?

Who do you believe will win and how? (Both fights are 5 rounds)

GSP will completely dominate hardy. He totally lost to Marcus Davis but the judges were totally high on crack when they judged the fight.

Mir-Maybe walks between 265-275 (Maybe 275?)

Carwin-I saw an interview with him and he walks at 298!!

Mir-He is 13-4

Carwin- He is 11-0 with his longest fight onl being about 2 1/2 minutes long 6 TKO/KO 5 submissions.

Carwin has hands even bigger than lesnar, lesnar wears a 3x glove but carwin wears a 4x glove and he has the largest hands in the entire ufc.

I think it will be GSP and Carwin. I like Mir more than Carwin but I want Carwin to win because if there is anyone that can Knockout the GAYEST MAN IN THE UFC BROCK LESNAR its Shane Carwin.

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    GSP Vs. Dan Hardy - GSP, no question. There isn't a single thing that Hardy can do that GSP can't do better. Not only is he a far superior wrestler, he is also stronger and faster than Hardy. Don't get me wrong, Hardy definitely has a chance at knocking GSP out, but I highly doubt it will happen. I see GSP dominating him for 25 minutes straight and GSP winning a decision. Just my opinion though...

    Carwin Vs. Mir - This fight could go either way, but I am picking Mir to win the fight. In Mir's last two victories he has shown that he is getting better and better every day. He is known for his BJJ yet he was the first man to stop Big Nog and he rocked Kongo within 1 minute. I think that he will do very well fighting off of his back when Carwin takes him down and I also think that he will be able to hang with Carwin if the fight stays standing. Like I said, this fight could go either way...I just feel that Mir is the more well rounded fighter.

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    Frank mir submission round 2 or 3, i imagine mir is purely too determined and extra suited fighter to enable carwin stand in his way. Mir has functional adequate leg knees and kicks to ko carwin yet i do not see him taking hazards with cawin reliable punches and fairly decent chin. Gsp dominating dan hardy an excellent type of the wrestle. I predict first 2 round will be somewhat slower and extra in route of dan's p.c.. yet I for see gsp purely keep going at it wearing him down and prevailing with the aid of tko in very last rounds or unanimous decision.

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    I'm taking GSP and Mir. GSP is the better overall fighter and athlete. Hardy is dangerous and GSP will be cautious of his striking. But I expect GSP to use ground game to finish Hardy in the 4th.

    Carwin is definitely a monster but Mir has the edge in most aspects of the fight. Mir is more experienced and faced tougher competition. He has learned from his fights with Brock how to deal with larger fighters; especially on the ground.

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    GSP and Mir. Carwin hasn't fought for a year and that will be a factor. Mir's added size will help him.

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    Hardy? Never heard of him. Is that a real person or the figment of a global advertiser's imagination.

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